Yamaha PSR E263 vs Yamaha PSR E363

To start your music journey, we will also need a compatible equipment to help us learn, practice them and reach that level of playing you want. For younger player, it is better to find a fun item which can enhance and support their learning process like with Yamaha PSR E263 vs Yamaha PSR E363. Both of them are entry-level, children pianos with so many similarities yet also different. If you wonder which can be the better option check their difference in our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a beginner piano
– What are Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363
– What Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 Look Like
– How many sounds Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 can offer
– How many lesson mode Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 can offer
– What connectivity available in Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363
– Yamaha PSR E263 vs Yamaha PSR E363

Choosing Beginner Piano
While there are tons of musical instruments we can learn to play out there, piano’s popularity seems to still one of the highest to attract new players or musician into this certain musical world. Not only they are learnt by youngster who want to understand the instrument better and want to play like their favorite artists, children or younger players also in love with piano since they look not very intimidating and can be handled even by smaller body unlike other instruments like guitar or horn.

For children, they may seem easy at first since we only have to press the keys to generate sound and memorize them when playing a song, but of course it is not that easy which is why they will need a professional help if you want them to properly learn how to play piano. Even for adults, piano is among the hardest to play yet they are still very interesting to learn and for children, they can also help their growth later.

Youngster may prefer to learn with a full size piano since their hand and body is already big enough to properly handle the keys and have the capability to play harder songs depend on their level. But, as for children, it is still better to provide them with the proper pianos with lesser keys so they can concentrate more on the most important things and won’t get distracted by the whole set yet, moreover, if they are still new to this instrument.

When it comes to children, fun will be above everything else since they are more tend to lose interest on something they found boring. This is why we should pick a beginner instrument with some features to help them keep entertained with a bunch of songs and attractive unit. Most children pianos have this kind of features yet depend on the manufacturer and model, we may find a better option among those numbers of collections that can perform well yet also attractive for our children. Read also: Casio SA 76 vs SA 77 here.

Due to the popularity of piano, it is not hard to find beginner unit in the market and they are also widely available. However, choosing is another issue to deal with because it is hard to look around when we don’t already have a favorite item or at least preferable unit to pick with and as a based to our next options. If you want to quicken the process and narrow down those options quickly without scarifying quality, our recommendation is to look from well-known brand first.

About Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363
This is because popular name will usually have many options we can pick or recommended products with dependable quality compared to some unknown names. Among those many options we are sure most of us are already familiar with Yamaha since they are one of the most popular music instrument maker out there and trusted by professional as well as beginner to accompany their journey. What we love from them besides their quality is their range of product and price that suit every level of users and their ability.

If you plan to purchase a piano for your children, Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 can be a great option to go because they are made and designed to support younger players to start and learn to master their lesson all in one piano. These models as you may already expect are very similar to each other but due to being available in the higher level, one of them can provide what the others can’t and it can be a good thing to consider which item to pick.

Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 Design
Both of Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 are in the same PSR line meant for beginner and in each level of the product, they may come with different capabilities but in design, most of them are similar to each other. As you can see from the sample picture above, these pianos do look like a beginner items but they are on another level due to the higher quality material Yamaha used for these two that finally dispelling the stereotypes of beginner pianos equal cheap models.

Both of them are coming with a similar frame and material made from a good quality plastic with a little round edges which we mostly found on the E263 model since the other is sharper in design. Another prominent difference between both pianos is their control panel since in E363, they look simpler while the other printed some colors to list the song, voice and styles. The most difference is in how they placed the buttons but overall, both are easy to find and access.

Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 Sound Collection
On the capability side, Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 are also quite different from one another since as a higher end unit, E363 is featured with some better specifications compared to the lower end model E263. The first difference is on their sound collection because E263 only has 386 sounds with 16 drum/SFX kits while at the other hand E363 is featured with 584 sounds consisting of 197 panel voices, 18 drum/SFX kits, 20 Arpeggio and 339 XGlite voices.

Accessing these sounds is fairly easy in both models. What we need to do is only scroll through them individually or select patches manually by pressing the number of the patch we want into the keypad which then showed in their screen. Another convenient feature is both of them have a grand button. For those who doesn’t know what this button do, they are useful to resets everything back to the default sound which is the grand piano sound we get when first activating the piano.

Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 Lesson
Since Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 are beginner keyboards, another thing we need to pay attention to is their learning feature because having them will be beneficial for our children to learn by themselves and help to let them understand their instrument better. In this side, both of them have on-board 3-step lesson; listening, timing, and waiting modes for each hand or for both hand together. This feature is very useful to build skills and make sure children play with the correct hand.

Beside this feature, there is another lesson feature in PSR E363 called key to success which is claimed to be based on teaching techniques shared with Yamaha for many years. This lesson mode will help players to play an entire song correctly then we can use the “Touch Tutor” feature to help building new skill and takes the mystery out of learning dynamic expression. Additionally, both pianos also capable of doing Duo Mode in case you want to play together with friends or family.

Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 Additional Features
Yamaha PSR E363 has another higher feature that we think better suit those with more experience such as the arpeggiator sequences that notes in a rhythmic way to make playing many of notes much easier. In addition, but this one is also available in E263, there is a lot of effects built in, consisting of master EQ, stereo widener, melody suppressor and a panner. The difference is E363 has 12 new reverb effects while the other only have 9 of them.

This features especially more interesting for those in the intermediate level since beginner, mainly children will most likely concern about playing the instrument and learn how to properly handle them rather than designing the sound. This is why they often left on beginner pianos but seeing the capability available in these two models are a good addition in case your children start to take interest on using the feature later on their journey.

Yamaha PSR E263 and Yamaha PSR E363 Connectivity
The last thing we would love to mention is their connectivity since this is important for some users. In PSR E263, we can only have headphone jack, sustain pedal connectivity and a stereo mini jack input while in the other model we can get additional USB to Host plug if you need to connect the piano to your other device.

Now, let’s compare Yamaha PSR E263 with Yamaha PSR E363. As you may already know, both of them are rather similar to each other but due to being in the higher model, PSR E363 is featured with some better capabilities including more sound collections, additional lesson features, additional capabilities in designing sounds and more connectivity. We also forgot to mention that PSR E363 is touch sensitive piano but this may not very interesting for children yet, moreover, those who just begin to learn.

Yamaha PSR E263 vs Yamaha PSR E363

- 61 Key with Survival B2 Kit, 400 high-quality Voices, 130 auto accompaniment Styles
- 112 Songs, easy Song Book (available via web download), Nine-step lesson function (Yamaha Education Suite)
- Simply set up the keyboard stand, plug in the sustain pedal to the keyboard, throw on the headphones and start playing!PSR-E363: User-Friendly Portable KeyboardFor expressive and dynamic performances, the PSR-E363 is a user-friendly portable keyboard with touch-sensitive keys to help you create the perfect performance.
- The on-board lesson functions and easy-to-navigate layout allows you to perfect your skills in a comfortable playing environment. Play independently, or with a teacher using duo mode. For added enjoyment create, record, and playback music using songs on your smart device, or choose from the included comprehensive music library for more possibilities.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preferences. However, if you want the better model between the two, we are going to recommend you to pick Yamaha PSR E363 since this model have more capabilities and somehow is currently more affordable than PSR E263.