Yamaha P71 vs Roland FP10

The piano becomes the most popular music instrument after the guitar. It has a simple look design that makes everyone want to play it. Speaking of it, this time we have the two famous brands of the piano. They come from Yamaha with the P71 and the Roland with the FP10. 

Not to mention the high quality from Yamaha or Roland because they already have it. This time we will give a quick review into them one by one and part into the part. Let’s check them out so we can decide which one is the best from them.

Yamaha P71

Yamaha P71 comes with the fully weighted keyboards as the entry-level digital piano. The keyboards consist of 10 built-in instrument sounds and also the compact design surrounds the piano. It has 88 keys with fully weighted keyboards in the matte black keytops. It also has a graded hammer standard action to optimize the keyboards. Read also: Yamaha P125 vs Casio PX160

The control panel of the button from Yamaha P71 looks more simple to switch the on and off button of the piano. There are 10 instruments to complete the features of the piano. It sounds like the accurate stereo sound in the AWM dynamic different levels. The AWM system has a high-level sound that makes the sound perfect to hear.

The piano tones from the Yamaha P71 has polyphony notes. It has more than enough to the fuller sound and also richer of variation sounds. The 64 note polyphony so that will makes the best sound to hear from the Yamaha P71. The most improvement from this model appears from the features.

The speaker of the Yamaha P71 provides the 6W and 6W amp. It brings the best sound of the piano considering the size of the instruments. The sound is clear and bright to hear and will not distort even if it reaches the maximum volume. The details of the sound are immersed to listen.

The duo mode features come from the Yamaha P71 to allow two people to play the piano at one time. It has a balanced mode on it to adjust the volume balance between the two people that play duo mode. Besides, the fine-tuning also can be used in this section to make the duo more perfect in play.

Yamaha P71 comes with the ports and jack plugin to connect into every device such as a handphone or computer. The position of the connector is right in the back of the piano. The price is reasonable for about US$499 on Amazon. With the complete features on it, make the Yamaha P71 worth it to buy.

Roland FP10

Roland FP10 is another type of great piano that designs for the beginner. The piano is smooth and the design looks so cool with the 88 keys appearing on it. It looks so clean, sleek, and modern the first time you touch it. The keys sound perfectly when it plays. It completes with the supernatural sound motor from it. 

The music rest of the Roland FP10 has different portability in mind. With the hollowed area, make the piano much easier to carry into every occasional need. With the four control panel, it integrates perfectly with the product line. The buttons require the function of the combination button and the key access. 

The dimension of the Roland FP10 is lighter than any other pianos. It comes with 128 x 26 x 14 cm and 12.3 kg of weight. It claims to be the smallest piano for the beginner piano type. With these lighter, make the piano easier to carry in everywhere needed.

The keyboard of the Roland FP10 has weighted and graded keys. It has a touch-sensitive keys feature on its and makes the direct volume once you press the keys. The synthetic ivory keys help the piano to moisture the absorption during the plays. That means the volume will match to the sound perfectly along with the plays.

The sound engine from the Roland FP10 builts in the supernatural sound system. It has string resonance, damper resonance, and key off resonance features appear on the Roland FP10. That makes the sound more dynamic, rich sounding, and also gives the expressive sounds. The stretch turning into two 6W speakers make the sound more realistic to hear.

The connector from the Roland FP10 comes with some Bluetooth connector and also some plugin. The device ports are available to plug the headset, USB, or any other devices. It is easier to use even for the beginner to connect the piano with any devices such as the computer. It can easily change the setting to get better connecting things.

The price of Roland FP10 comes with a reasonable cost of about US$499. With the complete features on it makes the piano worth it to buy. It has become my favorite since it was launched for the first time.

Yamaha P71 vs Roland FP10

- Includes the P71 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano, PKBZ1 Z-Style Stand, PKBB1 Adjutable Bench, Sustain Pedal, Music Rest & Power Adapter
- 88 fully weighted piano-style keys simulate the feel of an acoustic piano and provide a quality playing experience
- Stand Height: up to 29", Width: 19.75" - 25.0", Depth: 13.25"
- Adjustble padded keyboard bench provides comfort and stability
- Rich, responsive tone from Roland's renowned SuperNATURAL piano sound engine
- 88-key hammer-action with progressively weighted piano touch for maximum expression
- Bluetooth MIDI for wireless connection to popular apps for education, creativity, and enjoyment on your mobile device
- Roland's free Piano Partner 2 app provides remote control and added functionality for the FP-10

Which one is the best?

As for the beginner, it is so frustrating to choose which one is the best of these pianos. But after seeing the review, we decide the piano right at the point. Based on the review above, the Yamaha P71 has a better performance than the Roland FP10. Why? Here are the simple reasons …

Yamaha P71 has complete connectivity on it while the Roland FP10 does not have them all. The USB connector in the Roland FP10 could not connect into any devices while in the Yamaha P71 it works perfectly. The connector will help the works easier to play, but when it’s got trouble it will disturb the comfortable plays.

Yamaha P71 has a better polyphony sound than the Roland FP10. The sound is sounded perfectly with so natural voices coming from the Yamaha P71. But the Roland FP10 has a terrible sound that does not give the natural sound. All the sounds in the Yamaha P71 sound pretty enough to gig with. But from the Roland PF10, it has a bulky voice that comes to the speaker. That is why we recommend you to pick the Yamaha P71.