Yamaha P45 vs P45b

Having a piano at home is crucial for your playing skill development because we need to practice the lesson and polish whatever we have learnt at school or course. Yamaha P45 Vs P45B are a good option for any beginners and players who wish to practice their piano playing without having to spend so much on the instrument and of course still have a very nice sound quality. For those who are eyeing these pianos, see if there is any difference on both models.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What to Look on an Electric Piano
– What are Yamaha P45 and P45B
– What Yamaha P45 and P45B Look like
– How are the Keyboard in Yamaha P45 and P45B
– How are the Sound in Yamaha P45 and P45B
– How are the Speakers in Yamaha P45 and P45B
– What else Yamaha P45 and P45B can offer
– Yamaha P45 Vs P45B

Shopping for Electric Piano
We are sure that almost all people will agree that piano is one of the most popular instruments being played as beginner since early days from back then and even today because this particular instrument is offering some benefits that other similar equipment can’t give. For example how a piano will instantly deliver a good sound as long as it is well tuned since what we need is only pressing the right key at the right moment unlike other equipment that may need a proper hand placement or breathing technique.

Just like any skill, piano is not something we can master in a matter of days or years unless you are a prodigy so practicing is the key to make sure our lesson is memorized properly. When learning a guitar, it is necessary to have the instrument ready at home and it is the same with piano for practicing the lesson and make sure our body is used to how the instrument is played. In the past the problem with piano practice is the instrument itself.

This is because acoustic piano is fairly expensive and it is still unaffordable for many of us but thanks to technology development, electric piano began to show up in the early 1900s and continue being the loyal friend of piano learners today.

However, since now we have so many options, budget is definitely important and the piano specification placed at the same level which is why selecting one can be a hassle sometimes yet, here are some parts you may want to keep in mind:
– First, if the piano is for adults and older children, make sure to get the one with full size key or 88-key because this is the one that we will use to play a more difficult songs so it is better to invest in one rather than upgrade later.
– Real acoustic piano have different weight on the keys and many electric piano will have the same system as well called weighted keys so it will mimic the sensation or feeling like we are playing a real instrument.
– Third is the pedal and it seems that most beginner full keys piano today have sustain pedal so if it is possible, choose this type of piano because it is impossible to play in modern styles without using the pedal.
– The last but not least is to make sure to get the one with features or capabilities you will need and avoid getting those with a bunch of features we are not going to use because it may distract you or adding the cost to get one.

About Yamaha P45 and P45B
If you already get an image on what kind of electric piano to get, now is the time to see what the market is currently offering since we do have almost endless list of options yet, if it is meant to be a polishing piano or for beginner to play the instrument, many affordable models that range below $500 should be a good enough option. Among those many trusted companies that offer electric instruments, Yamaha is one of the best choices.

We are sure almost all of us know and recognize this giant company name and the reason why we often look at their collection whenever trying to shop for an instrument is because they do have various products on a good range of price from those made for beginners to those marketed for experienced and professional players including the electric piano. Their quality is also among the best and always offer reliable products for the customers whether on the sound quality, ease of use, and durability.

What’s making some of us wonder about Yamaha electric piano is some of them do have similar names, making it a bit confusing to choose one such as with the popular P45 and P45B model. We are not sure if many other users are aware of this naming but certain alphabet behind a model usually refer to the color of the product and in this case, there is no different on the piano itself since the “B” here means black.

Yamaha P45 and P45B are equally a good option for anyone who wants to keep the budget low but still want to get a good sounding electric piano because it already comes with the company’s sound sampling based on the real instrument. This is one of the basic models like any P line from the brand and a direct competitor of CDP like from Casio that you can check on our previous article Yamaha P45 Vs Casio CDP 130 here with almost the same features and capabilities.

Yamaha P45 and P45B Design
Because these are the same piano, we are going to describe only one product here and as you can see on the sample picture above, they are a full size 88-key piano with two speakers planted one on each of the side. The control panel is kept simple with only a few buttons on top and for those who play while reading sheet music can put their paper on the front stand. If you ever use or see the P35 piano, they do look like each other.

In terms of portability Yamaha P45 and P45B is very compact but not the smallest in the same category because it is still weighing at 25 lbs. while the form itself 52.2-inch wide, 11.6-inch deep, and 6-inches high but this measurement should be fine on many rooms even smaller one and the weight can be carried by one person only as well.

Yamaha P45 and P45B Keyboard
Coming into the keyboard part, as many other affordable P line pianos from Yamaha, Yamaha P45 and P45B is coming with Graded Hammer Standard or GHS and this weighted key will make your piano keys to have different weight across the keys. The technology is actually using little hammer inside hence called as it is rather than with springs and it will give you a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, mimicking a real acoustic piano.

If needed, we can also adjust the velocity or touch sensitivity between 4 settings including in Fixed position which mean the keys is not affected by the weighted system or increase to Soft, Medium, and Hard. The latest is the one we should pick to provide the widest dynamic range in which we have to press really hard to produce a loud sound.

Yamaha P45 and P45B Sound
On the sound technology, these pianos are made with Yamaha AWM dynamic sampling technology in an attempt to capture the sound of an acoustic instrument so we will hear a high quality sample coming from the electric piano. It is a true stereo sound which is recorded from the popular Yamaha full concert grand piano and at different dynamic levels but, in terms of instrument quality Yamaha P45 and P45B is not the best among others for it only comes with 10 sounds inside.

If you ever used the predecessor P35 model, these pianos will be better in sound because as opposed to be featured with 32 notes now the piano is counting at 64 polyphony so we don’t have to be afraid of dropped notes anymore when practicing more complicated songs.

Yamaha P45 and P45B Speakers
These pianos are made for playing in a room or practicing only and the speaker they have been putting on P line are usually small enough to not really blasting the sound so we are only getting a pair of 6 W speakers here. In case if your house have other family members or roommates who are not very fond of listening to your practicing at 2AM, there is also one headphone jack located at the piano so we can plug our favorite cans and play quietly.

Yamaha P45 and P45B Features
As for the additional feature, we are getting the standard USB port for when you need to connect the instrument with a computer and a set of useful playing mode as well. Yamaha P45 and P45B have both Layering or dual mode and Duo mode to allow the player to play two sound or two instruments at once simultaneously across the entire keyboard range or split the keyboard into two equal sections right in the middle to have the same pitch range which is very useful for teaching.

Yamaha P45 and P45B are the same piano and the difference between them is only naming method because apparently there is no P45 white so all of the products under this name will come with the same fashion which is black. The piano is a full size 88-key style, have a good sound based on the real acoustic piano, weighted keys, headphone jack, and 10 sounds collection.

Yamaha P45 vs P45b

- Yamaha P45B 4 Piece Digital Piano With Adjustable On Stage Double X Style Keyboard Stand, Samson SR350 Lightweight Over-Ear Headphones, and Samson Q4 Dynamic Microphone. Piano Includes Power Adapter, Sustain Pedal and Music Rest
- Features 88 Keys with Yamaha's Graded Hammer Standard Action,10 AWM Sound Presets, and 4 Reverb Effects
- 10 Demo Songs For Practice and Duo Mode For Learning With a Teacher Make this Piano Great for Students and Beginners
- 64-note polyphony allows the player to perform moderately dense piano passages, even using heavy sustain pedal, with few or no dropped notes being cut off.
- The USB to HOST port allows you to connect and interact with a wide variety of educational, music creation or music entertainment applications on a computer or mobile device.
- Kit Includes: Yamaha P45B Digital Piano, Adjustable X Style Keyboard Bench, Adjustable Double X Keyboard Stand, Full-Size Studio Headphones (Black), Knox Dust Cover, FastTrack Keyboard DVD & Focus on Piano - Complete Piano Book with CD

At this point we are sure all of us can pick with whichever model seems more beneficial especially on the price point and the price can be different depending on the seller and accessories they have come with so it is all up to your decision.