Yamaha P125B vs P125

While pianos may look the same, just like everything else in the market, each one of them may have different capabilities that will benefit us later. Yamaha as one of the most well-known digital piano manufacturer have many to offer such as Yamaha P125B vs P125. These two models seem to attract many question due to the similarities and if you are also one of them, go check our article below to see if they are actually the same item and what you can get from them.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing a Piano
– What are Yamaha P125B and P125
– What Yamaha P125B and P125 Look Like
– How are the Keys in Yamaha P125B and P125
– How are the Sound Quality in Yamaha P125B and P125
– What Else Yamaha P125B and P125 can offer to you
– Yamaha P125B vs P125

Playing Piano
Learning musical instrument is sure beneficial even if you are no longer young or already an adult because it is believed that they can improve our memory so we have lower chance of Alzheimer when older. Learning new things will also reduce stress and depression since we can express ourselves better and as an entertainment when we have free time to enjoy as well as providing a sense of accomplishment when we can achieve a better level of master a new skill.

As for the type of instrument we pick, it depend on our taste and preference because each instrument may have different level of learning curves and of course they have different sound to begin with, so it is best to follow your own taste so we can commit to what we choose. Among those many musical instrument available out there that we used to see, piano may be the one with the most amount of players and new learners even starting from small children.

The reason why piano is very popular may because they are the easiest to play. It is not that they are very easy to master but to play a piano, we only need to press the key and the sound will comes out good even when we still not know much about the technique. Compared to other instrument like flute or violin, the sound they produce right from the start is already great unlike those that needs more skill just to produce the correct sound.

This is why even children who are not yet capable of learning the curves can play them easily as long as they know which key to press. Another reason why piano is popular as the first instrument of many people is because they provide an easier method to learn the music sheet since the way they are written are easier to understand when you are playing a piano rather than many other instruments out there while a well-tuned piano will always produce the correct sound, so we can get a sense of tone better.

With those benefits, it is not surprising that piano has been the favorite of so many people and the starter of many learners. If you are also planning to learn a piano or want to master your skill and purchase a new unit, it is the time to hunt for the piano and for adult players. The one we always recommend is to look for a full size keyboard or those with 88-keys since many complex songs are played with this type of piano.

About Yamaha P125B and P125
Due to the huge options in the market, we may get confused when it is time to select one of them but, if you are not fond of a brand or have no personal preference regarding the manufacturer yet, it is probably good to start from the most popular names out there since well-known brand will most likely to have what you are looking for. Between those many names, Yamaha sure took a lot of attention being used by both novice users and professional alike.

This manufacturer has been around for a long time and has a huge list of collection to offer so players with different level of skills can choose which item suit their level the most and one thing we love from them as well is they seem to always have the item for your budget even those with less to spend. If your playing skill is somewhere in the intermediate, Yamaha P125B or P125 can be a good item to go with its nice sound and quality.

Both of them are said to be the upgrade model of the long popular P line piano, the P115 and this is clear since they are inheriting the most part of its predecessor. Before you are questioning whether they are the same item or not, the answer is yes, they are because, the word “B” on the first model refer to the color option or Black, so in essential, they are the same item. With this, from this point forward, we will talks about the same piano model.

Yamaha P125B and P125 Design
As you can see from the picture above, Yamaha P125B or P125 are the same unit because they have the same face and form. If you ever play the P115, we are sure you can get familiar with this model instantly as well due to the much similarities. Being in the “P” line which mean portable, these pianos are also compact enough to not take so much space in your table or hinder you when traveling with the instrument.

This is because they are fairly small, measuring about 52 inches in wide, 11.6 inches in deep and around 6.5 inches in tall weighing about 26 pounds. In the color option, they have both black and white options with a small range of buttons arrayed at the front face combined with two pieces of speakers placed on both sides; overall, they are a pretty looking pianos. But, what we love the most here is their buttons that have LED light to make sure we know which option is currently working.

Yamaha P125B and P125 Keys
The first thing we want to talk about this piano is the keyboard because while being a full sized 88-keys digital pianos and featured with weighted keys, it seem that Yamaha still reluctant to upgrade the technology for the model. This is because for piano marketed mainly for those with more experience, they are still using the standard and mostly used on beginner unit Graded Hammer Standard action for the weighing technology. They claimed that it has been tweaked to feel better but it still feels like the old version.

This technology as you may already know will make the keys feel heavier in the lower side and lighter on the higher side and just like many other pianos or P models from Yamaha, there are 4 different level of adjustment here from Fix, Soft, Medium, and Hard. The lowest setting will make the key produced the same sound whether how strong you press the key while the hard setting will make you have to strike the keys harder to produce louder sound as well.

Yamaha P125B and P125 Sound
On the sound part, Yamaha P125B or P125 is featured with the same high quality Pure CF sound engine which is adored because they are using the samples from the grand concert piano, the Yamaha CFIIIS 9. Each note was recorded multiple times at different velocity levels to make the piano able to create the richness and dynamic range of the acoustic piano. As for the polyphony, they are still using the same amount like its predecessor which is 192 notes.

If you are asking what sounds Yamaha P125B or P125 can produce, the amount of option may not much but they are enough for average piano players; on piano section you have 4 sounds, on electric piano section you have 4 sounds, on organ you have 4 sounds, on clavichord or vibraphone section you have 4 sounds, on strings section you have 4 sounds, and on bass section you have 4 sounds as well.

Yamaha P125B and P125 Speaker
To produce those sounds, Yamaha P125B or P125 are equipped with several speakers and if from the picture we can only see 2 of them placed above the unit near the control area, in real life it comes with more because we can get another two placed below the piano. There are two 12 cm full range speakers that we see on the face and the other two which placed below are 4 cm tweeters.

When combined, all of them will give players 14W of power which should be enough to fill a medium sized room without the need of additional amplifier. Another interesting feature to maximize the sound is Sound Boost and this is used when you want to make the piano sound slightly sharper or louder. Read also: Yamaha P71 vs P125 here.

Yamaha P125B and P125 Additional Features
On the additional feature side, Yamaha P125B or P125 is coming with dual mode or layering, split mode, and duet play mode. Duet mode is used when you want to create a rich atmospheric sound by layering two different sound at a time. Split mode is used when you want to play instrument separately at different side so we can combined them together such as bass tone on the left and other sound on the right part. The last Duo mode is used to split pianos into two section with identical parts.

Now, let’s compare Yamaha P125B with P125. As you may already know, both of them are the same piano or the same model and the word “B” here is used to only specify the color option for the piano so customer will know in what color their item will arrive and in term of specification or capabilities, they are exactly the same.

Yamaha P125B vs P125

- Yamaha P-125 piano is 88-keys Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted-action keyboard feels like an acoustic piano. Onboard sounds include grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, keyboards, and other acoustic instruments
- Keyboard’s Intelligent Acoustic Control provides full, balanced sound that adapts to each user's volume setting for the best possible tone at any level.The p-45 digital piano keyboard is compact,slim,lightweight and portable.
- Pure CF-sampled piano brings Yamaha's acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand to life under your fingertips. Assignable Split Voice lets you choose 2 sounds and assign them to either the right or left hand.
- GHS weighted action is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys, just like an acoustic piano.
- The special matte black key tops are designed to absorb moisture and remain tactile after extended use without becoming slippery.
- The Pure CF Sound Engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a meticulously sampled, acclaimed Yamaha 9' CFIIIS concert grand piano, allowing for incredibly dynamic and expressive playing.

All in all, the decision is all yours because we have different taste and preference but if we are to choose, we will go with either of them that has the lower price range since this part is decided by the reseller, so it is good to save more and look for the one with the lowest option available.