Yamaha P121 Vs Korg B2

A digital piano can be an excellent alternative to an acoustic instrument because it is more compact and affordable. The Yamaha P121 Vs Korg B2 are some of the best budget pianos for beginners and enthusiasts who want a reliable instrument to polish their skills or even perform in front of an audience. These pianos are similar but different, and you may like one better, so let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the Yamaha P121 and Korg B2?
  • How is the Design of Yamaha P121 and Korg B2?
  • How is the Key Action in Yamaha P121 and Korg B2?
  • How is the Sound Engine in Yamaha P121 and Korg B2?
  • What are the Features of Yamaha P121 and Korg B2?
  • Yamaha P121 Vs Korg B2
  • Which Digital Piano to Buy?
Yamaha P121Korg B2
Product Dimensions43.86 x 11.61 x 6.54 inches 51.65 x 13.23 x 4.61 inches
Shipping Weight32.2 pounds 25.1 pounds
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About the Yamaha P121 and Korg B2

Do you need a digital piano? What to look for in a digital piano? A digital piano is a great option for those who want a compact yet rich instrument with many features. There are also many options to consider, depending on what you need. We always see the design first because it affects how you can play the piano. The key action and sound quality are crucial factors that decide a piano’s overall quality. You can also see the features because many pianos have additional features like lessons and modes to enrich the playing experience. Read also: Yamaha P121 Vs Roland FP 10.

Some of the best beginner pianos that are also affordable are Yamaha P121 and Korg B2. These pianos are below $1000 and compact enough to travel with the instrument. The pianos are equally lightweight, but you must know that P121 is a 73-key piano, meaning it only has six and a half octaves instead of the full seven octaves in a typical 88-key setup. Worry not; most songs are playable on 73-key pianos, but some prefer to play on a full piano.

Because the Yamaha P121 and Korg B2 come from different companies, you can expect other differences, such as the key action and sound engine. The playing experience is impressive in both models, but some people may have personal preferences that affect their decision. Regarding the overall ability, the P121 is a higher model as this is a compact version of the Yamaha P125.

Yamaha P121 and Korg B2 Design

Many people like digital pianos for their portability, and these pianos are also easy to transport if you have to move them often. The P121 is more compact at only 43.8 inches wide, while the standard full-size digital piano, like B2, is around 51.6 inches wide; the height and depth are similar, while the P121 is about two pounds lighter than B2. The top panel houses a set of buttons as the control panel, and we don’t have any display here, but you can easily see that the P121 is a bit more complicated with more functions.

Yamaha P121 and Korg B2 Key Action

As mentioned above, the key action is one of the crucial factors in your digital piano because it affects the playing experience. The Yamaha P121 and Korg B2 use different technologies, yet they feel similar. The P121 comes with Yamaha Graded Hammer Standard while B2 has Natural Weight Hammer key action. The playing experience is similar, with the keys being lighter to press than their higher iteration. These weighted keys emulate the feeling of playing acoustic pianos with different weights on each key.

The keys are also touch-sensitive and adjustable. You can adjust the sensitivity level that affects how the piano responds to the keypress; the higher the setting, the higher the dynamic range, and the more challenging to play. Since the P121 only has 73 keys, this piano has half fewer octaves than Korg B2.

Yamaha P121 and Korg B2 Sound Engine

Now let’s see the sound engine on these pianos. The sound engine affects how the piano sounds and the amount of voice it has; the speaker can also improve the sound quality, especially if you wear headphones or other external output. The Yamaha P121 uses a Pure CF sound engine with 192-note polyphony and 25 built-in voices, while the Korg B2 uses Stereo PCM with 120-note polyphony and 12 built-in voices. The P121 has more sounds to play, and higher polyphony also means you will be less likely to run out of notes to play in complex songs.

Overall, the sound quality is satisfying, and the speakers are loud enough for home or studio, but they may be lacking if you play for a crowd with other loud instruments as the piano sound may get drowned in the mix. We always recommend adding an external amplification to increase the volume for live purposes. Read also: Yamaha P121 Vs Yamaha P125.

Yamaha P121 and Korg B2 Features

Lastly, we want to discuss the features because they are also different. The Yamaha P121 has a built-in recorder with limited space to store the song, duo, dual, and split modes. Duo mode is a function to split the keyboard into two parts with the same sound, and two people can play together; this mode is handy for teachers and students. Dual mode layers two different sounds from different instruments to enrich your playing. Split mode splits the keyboard into two parts, and you can assign a different tone to each part.

The Korg B2 has built-in duo mode, but to access more features, you can integrate the piano with the Korg module, an app you can download and install on a smart device. This app gives the owner higher freedom as it gives you more sounds to play and even a recording function.

Yamaha P121 Vs Korg B2

The Yamaha P121 and Korg B2 have similarities and differences that may affect your buying decision. In terms of playing experience, both are fun instruments to play, but the B2 has full-size keys, while the P121 is more compact with fewer keys. The sound engine is better on P121 as it has more polyphony and built-in voices to meet your musical preferences. The P121 also has more native features that you can use directly on the piano, while the B2 requires an additional app to access some of these features.

- A lighter and more portable version of the Yamaha P125
- A fully weighted digital piano with 73 full-sized piano-style keys
- GHS weighted action is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys, just like an acoustic piano
- The pure CF sound engine faithfully reproduces the tone of the acclaimed Yamaha 9' CFIIIS Concert Grand piano
- 【Fully-Weighted 88-Key Keyboard】- The B2 88-key digital piano provides a realistic piano playing experience with fully-weighted, hammer-action keybed featuring Korg’s premium NH4 keyboard action, designed in Japan.
-【Excellent Sound Quality】- Explore 12 sounds including pianos, electric pianos, strings, and more. B2 provides ultra-realistic and expressive piano tone, including Korg’s famous German and Italian piano sounds.
-【Thin & Portable Design】- Practice and perform anywhere with an ultra-portable design at only 4.61 inches thick and 25 pounds. Rich-sounding built-in speakers make B2 perfect for at- home playing and practice, and you can perform anywhere with six AA batteries for hours of playing time.
-【Modern Connectivity】- USB Audio and MIDI offers flexible connectivity to recording software, virtual instruments and piano learning apps. A free software bundle is included, including 3-months access to Skoove Piano Learning software and more.


The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. The Korg B2 is more affordable, but it also offers less. If you are looking for a full-size piano, the B2 is an excellent choice in the budget range, but we recommend the Yamaha P121 for traveling musicians or everyone who wants the more compact instrument. In addition, the P121 also has more onboard voices and features that don’t require an app.