Yamaha MX61 vs MOXF6

Selecting the best music composer can be a thing that not everyone is able to perform. Therefore, it needs a specific skill to understand which products are better than the other. Such as if you want to compare between Yamaha MX61 VS MOXF6. There are several considerations that need to be performed so that you can select the most suitable product. If you are curious about this comparison, the below information will give you a good explanation.

Brand Overview

Whether MX61 or MOXF6, they both launched by Yamaha. However, they launched as a different series in Yamaha. For information, Yamaha brand provides various products for music including Synthesizers. There are various types and segments of each product. Including MX series and MOXF series. Read also: Yamaha MOXF8 vs MX88

The MX synthesizer features MOTIF sound in a compact package for musicians on the go. MX bridges the gap between hardware and software with deep computer integration. With extensive audio and MIDI USB connectivity, advanced DAW controller features and a powerful music production software suite, this hardware and software combination offers the best of both worlds at a great price.

The new MOXF series combines a MOTIF XF sound engine and Flash memory expandability, a MIDI keyboard controller with extensive DAW and VST control, USB Audio/MIDI interface, onboard sequencing, and an extensive DAW / VST software bundle.

General Features

Whether Yamaha MX61 VS MOXF6, they both have specific features. That is why each person might need to refer to these features and make sure that the offered capabilities are suited to their expectation. Starting from Yamaha MX61 that will offer you the below features:

  • It places 1,000 voices of synthesizer motifs that allow you to have started from realistic acoustic piano up to electric. Not to mention the strings and drum to complete the sound. You can even store and add your own preferred sound on the panel.
  • The type offered a USB audio and MIDI which will be compatible with iOS, Mac and also PC. It is quite easy to plug and monitor through the headphone output. Not only that, it consists of MX audio converters that sound better in its output. Furthermore, you can record through this product straight into your computer and get high-quality audio.
  • The product is compatible with iPhone and iPad, plus it has FM synthesis that will manage to create a better sound and popular technology on the synthesizer. It has the capability to produce dynamic sound at the best level.
  • Another feature including the performance mode that will manage to find an instant idea. The user will be able to combine two voices to play on the keyboard and add an intelligent drum track to result in a good music arrangement.

A slightly different way with Yamaha MOXF6 which consist of below features:

  • The product has several rich instrument voices in one item including piano, strings, wind instruments, orchestra, guitar, drums, and many more. It also consists of variate vintage and synth sounds.
  • The product results in a good piano voice that will satisfy the players. Not only that, it has more than 741 MB of waveforms that features a lot of new content. It consists of up to 136 new voices from a grand piano to organs, plus a great range of new sounds genres. This includes orchestral up to hip hop that can be easily selected according to each personal preference.
  • The product also features a Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology that helps to stimulate the effects of vintage items and phases. Furthermore, it helps to enable the product to improve the end result and quality of the instrument. 
  • The product manages to bring a high-quality effect that is also completed with standard digital recording consoles. It comes with vocoder effects that manage to allow microphone connection to the input terminal and bring a good effect on the voice. It also results in a stunning harmony overall. That is why many people love to get this kind of feature and prefer this type.

Specific Difference

It can be said that Yamaha MOXF6 is lighter than the MX61. However, it features the same waveforms and performance. It is also compatible with other series and features XA control or expanded articulation. It is a good feature that will allow the waveform to be loaded and bring new source material. While if you look at the Yamaha MX61, it is a great motif sound set that does not have deeper editing on board. Plus, it has no sequencer and sophisticated XA control. The product is more suitable for those who want the sound of motif series with a limited budget.


One of the main comparisons may come from the price option. For information, Yamaha MX61 is selling at a price of $1000, while Yamaha MOXF6 is selling at a price of $1400. This makes a quite significant price difference of $400. This also requires consideration, especially if you’re having a limited budget to buy the products. 

Yamaha MX61 vs MOXF6

- Over 1000 sounds from the MOTIF series
- Equipped with VCM effects
- Easy Split/Layer Performance Mode for Instant Inspiration
- 16-Part Multi timbral and 128-note polyphony
- Motif XF Sound Quality
- Flash memory expandability
- Performance mode to enhance your creativity
- Advanced computer integration


Overall, when it comes to features and expandability, then the main difference is quite significant. It might not be able to see physically until you play the product and try to listen to the result. Therefore, it is recommended that a serious user and earn extra money can go with Yamaha MOXF6. Unless you are having a minimum budget and plan to use the product for preliminary or exercise, then you might feel quite happy with Yamaha MX61. As the overall features between these two products determine your final selection and use. Therefore, you need to make sure that you will use the products just for fun or for professional purposes.

In the end, it will depend on the needs and budget after all. If you used to work with the product for an important matter and business, then the best features shall be needed. This is why Yamaha MOXF6 is a better selection and preference. However, Yamaha MX61 will benefit you a more economical budget. But to be noted, it gives less than Yamaha MOXF6. So, straightly make up your mind and get a suitable product now.