Roland RD 2000 vs Nord Stage 3

The piano becomes one of the most musical instruments for the musician. This tool becomes their weapon in making a piece of great music. That is why finding the right piano for them becomes a crucial moment. Some of them even make careful research before deciding to pick one from the market.

This time we have some glance at the most two popular pianos in the market. They are Roland RD 2000 and Nord Stage 3. They come with new technology and new features that differ from each other. So, let’s take a look even closer to them so that we can help you to decide which one that suitable for you the most.

Roland RD 2000

Roland RD 2000 is a kind of piano that comes with the PHA-50 hybrid wood and plastic action. This good material makes this piano has a great touch to feel the grand piano feeling once you touch them. it comes with 88 keys with the full size of weighted key tones. Read also: Yamaha CP88 vs Kawai MP11SE.

Roland RD 2000 brings the stage revolution even though you play it in your room. The sound comes incredibly amazing with some rich sound that so realistic to hear. It equips with two independent sound engines, the premium action, and advanced controller features. That is why the sound comes so rich to hear once you play this piano.

Roland RD 2000 offers the blend of extensive music technology with modern control. It is adaptable to modern technology that suitable for the next generation of musical instruments. It keeps the authenticity of the masterpiece you made so that it will keep you being more creative in making a piece of great music.

Roland RD 2000Nord Stage 3
Product Dimensions55.6 x 14.5 x 5.6 inches
51 x 5 x 13 inches
Shipping Weight47.1 pounds
41 pounds
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Roland RD 2000 comes with the full polyphony tone so that the piano comes in a rich sound. The supernatural sounds based on the 128-voice of polyphony to bring and support the electric sound. It is also compatible with the RD-800  live sets so you can play your music in a great way.

Roland RD 2000 offers a flawless performance with the dual sound engines. It integrates perfectly between the acoustic and electric sound of music. That because the acoustic sound is powered by the v-piano technology. These features make the sound will more clear, realistic, and magnificent to hear.

Roland RD 2000 comes with the nine knobs that provide more control for sounds, effects, and many more. The LED indicator will guide you into the right composition so that you will have a magnificent sound. You can simply adjust the setting to whatever you want by using this LED.

The dimension of the Roland RD 2000 comes in the lightweight size at about 55.6 x 14.5 x 5.6 inches and 47.1 pounds. It is available to connect with the USB type A and type B, the midi connectors, stereo mini-phone type, and many more.

With almost 1,100 tones on it, this Roland RD 2000 piano comes with a great rate. It starts at US$2,599 on Amazon. This piano also features the Damper pedals that so easy to use without any difficulty.

Nord Stage 3

Nord Stage 3 comes with the fully weighted keyboards as the entry-level digital piano. The keyboards consist of 10 built-in instrument sounds, and also the compact design surrounds the piano. It has 88 keys with fully weighted keyboards in the matte black keytops. It also has a graded hammer standard action to optimize the keyboards.

The control panel of the button from Nord Stage 3 looks more simple to switch the on and off button of the piano. There are ten instruments to completes the features of the piano. It sounds like the accurate stereo sound in the AWM dynamic different levels. The AWM system has a high-level sound that makes the sound perfect to hear.

The piano tones from the Nord Stage 3 has polyphony notes. It has more than enough to the fuller sound and also richer of variation sounds. The 120 note polyphony so that will makes the best sound to hear from the Nord Stage 3. The most improvement from this model appears from the features.

The Nord Stage 3 comes with a hammer action key bed with 3 features of a wide selection. It comes with a grand selections mode, uprights, electric pianos, digital pianos, Clavinet, and the Harpsichord from the Nord Stage library. All of these come with a harmonic sound in dynamic layered patches.

The duo mode features come from the Nord Stage 3 to allows two people to play the piano at one time. It has a balanced mode on it to adjust the volume balance between the two people that play duo mode. Besides, the fine-tuning also can use in this section to make the duo more perfect in play.

The dimension of the Nord Stage 3 comes in a light weightier way at about 50.7 x 4.7 x 13 inches and 41 pounds of weight. The body is made of smooth metal material so that the durability of this piano is amazing. It is capable to reduce the broken parts even after collide or fall.

Nord Stage 3 comes with the ports and jack plugin to connect into every device such as a handphone or computer. The position of the connector is right in the back of the piano. The price is reasonable for at about US$4,499 sell on Amazon. With the completes features on it, make the Nord Stage 3 worth it to buy.

Roland RD 2000 vs Nord Stage 3

- Your purchase includes One Roland RD-2000 Digital Stage Piano | With Owner’s manual, Power cord & Damper pedal | Piano stand not included
- Piano dimensions – 55-5/8” W x 5-9/16” H x 14-1/2” D | Weight – - 47 lbs. 14 oz. | Display – Graphic LCD 256 x 80 dots | Weighted keyboard – 88-note hammer action | Power supply will automatically adjust to different line voltages
- Second Supernatural-based sound engine with 128-voice polyphony for electric pianos and additional sounds (compatible with RD-800 Live Sets)
- Next-generation RD stage piano with two independent sound engines and modern controller features | Eight knobs with LED status indicators and nine sliders for real-time control of sounds and effects
- Greatly enhanced Piano section features doubled memory (2 GB) for the exclusive Nord Piano - Library, 120 voice polyphony and creative new Piano Filters
- Award-winning C2D Organ simulations B3 Tone wheel and Vintage Transistor Organs plus 2 new Principal Pipe Organs
- Synth section features the acclaimed Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine combined with Sample Playback and a brilliant OLED display for all Oscillator functions
- Effect section features a brand new Filter Effect, extended morphable parameters, an enhanced Delay effect and a separate Reverb and Compressor for each slot

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Roland RD 2000 is a better way to pick than the Nord Stage 3. As it comes from the price, the Nord Stage 3 comes expensively, which almost takes about twice the Rolland RD 2000’s price with takes almost the same features they have.

Besides, if you are using the Nord Stage 3, you will find that each effect section there can only use for one sound source. That makes it difficult to use and find the right sound that we want. That because there are no dedicated outs per section, and it only has limited split points.