Roland Juno DS61 vs Yamaha MX61

Looking for a suitable synthesizer sometimes can be quite challenging and not easy. Especially if you find out there are many brands with similar features and price. You will get difficulties in selecting the most suitable product and decide the final selection. Such as when you look at Roland Juno DS61 VS Yamaha MX61. Both are coming from a great brand. Therefore, you need to perform proper selection to make sure you choose the best of the best. In case you want to buy one of the products and have no idea on which one to select, you better check on the below information.

Brand Overview

Whether Roland or Yamaha, both are quite well-known music equipment that provides premium and specialty items. That is why many people will not feel doubt about their product, starting from the music equipment up to music support tools. Including a synthesizer that manages musicians to produce better-qualified sound in the end. By selecting one of the products, it will manage to bring an outstanding result at an affordable price as per budget. For more specific features including the pros and cons of each product, the below paragraph brings you more details. Read also: Roland Juno DS61 vs Korg Kross 2

Specific Features

If we look at more details, each product will show its best features and specific capabilities. Starting from the famous Roland Juno DS61 that essentially bring several features such as:

  • The product is completed with a keyboard bundle for various uses. Not to mention the lightweight dimension which only up to 6kilogram. Making it a great portable synthesizer that can be quite effective to use on various occasions without lacking performance.
  • The synthesizer consists and is completed with 61 keys with velocity-sensitive keys, wave expansion slot, phrase pads, a vocoder with auto pitch and an 8-track sequencer. Even though there seem to be so many items and confusing, do not over worry about that. Since the product is quite easy to use and you will be able to find the needed sound or mixture within a minute only. 
  • Roland Juno DS61 also completed with a bonus thumb driver that will add some value to the products. This is one of the advantages of buying the product for a suitable purpose.
  • The product also consists of a three-position X-Style bench including folding legs with capacity up to 300 pounds. Therefore, you will be able to use the bend accordingly and no worry about any style you need to perform while using it.
  • Completed with SR550 closed-back studio headphones which are able to close back over the ear.
  • The product is the new generation of the ultra-portable synthesizer with a lightweight cabinet plus a streamlined operation. 
  • The product also offers a flexible feature for band scenarios including in choosing the built-in sounds and audio playback pads. Not to mention the pattern sequencer to create a great song. It has velocity-sensitive keyboards with synth action to bring a good result and action.

It is a slightly different way if we look at the Yamaha MX61. That is why you need to make proper selection and read more on the information here. As the competitor, this brand also offered several great features such as:

  • It places 1,000 voices of synthesizer motifs that allow you to have started from realistic acoustic piano up to electric. Not to mention the strings and drum to complete the sound. You can even store and add your preferred sound on the panel.
  • The type offered a USB audio and MIDI which will be compatible with iOS, Mac and also PC. It is quite easy to plug and monitor through the headphone output. Not only that, it consists of MX audio converters that sound better in its output. Furthermore, you can record through this product straight into your computer and get high-quality audio.
  • The product is compatible with iPhone and iPad, plus it has FM synthesis that will manage to create a better sound and popular technology on the synthesizer. It can produce dynamic sound at the best level.
  • Another feature including the performance mode that will manage to find an instant idea. The user will be able to combine two voices to play on the keyboard and add an intelligent drum track to result in a good music arrangement.


When we look at the price, both products have several differences. Only, it is not too much and might not be too significant if compared to each other. For information, Roland Juno DS61 is now selling at a price of about $730. A slightly different way with Yamaha MX61 that is more expensive but still reachable. For information, Yamaha MX61 is now selling at a price of about $1000. Therefore, it results in several amount differences, roughly $200 to $300. 

Roland Juno DS61 VS Yamaha MX61

- Lightweight, gig-ready instrument with pro sounds
- Includes all the sounds from the popular JUNO-Di
- Wave expansion slot enables users to download new sound waveforms
- Sample import function for playing user WAV files on the JUNO-DS61’s keyboard
- Equipped with VCM effects
- Easy Split/Layer Performance Mode for Instant Inspiration
- 16-Part Multi timbral and 128-note polyphony
- A complete suite of music production software included


It can be seen from the above explanation that both products are good synthesizers. However, one product is offering more features than others. Therefore, in case you have more budget, then it will be better to choose Yamaha MX61 that brings better mixing sound technology. Even though it has a quite number of prices to pay to compare with selecting the Roland Juno DS61. But, overall you will be satisfied with getting a better result and performance. However, you need to carefully select in case what you need is a portable item and prefer a lighter product to bring it in an easy way anywhere. You may want to consider Roland Juno DS61 as it is a good portable product that results in excellent sound.

In the end, all the decisions may be different between each person. Whether they fanatic of Roland or a Yamaha lover. This can define the final selection too, as many people usually will stick on one preferred brand rather than checking on more details or specifications. The most important is that both products are a well-known reputable brand available in the worldwide market. Therefore, no need to worry whether you ended with Roland Juno DS61 VS Yamaha MX61. They both have an excellent after service to make sure you will be able to use the features in maximum output.