Korg Kross 2 VS Korg i3

Korg has plenty of excellent workstations, and they vary in price, such as Korg Kross 2 Vs Korg i3. These synth workstations offer many similar capabilities and some crucial differences to consider. Kross 2 is a higher choice with richer features, but it is also expensive so before investing, let’s see what you can get from these arranger keyboards.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Synthesizers and Keyboard Workstation
  • What are Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3
  • How is the Design of Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3
  • How are the Keyboard of Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3
  • How are the Sounds Collection in Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3
  • What are the Features of Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3
  • What are the Connectivity in Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3
  • Korg Kross 2 Vs Korg i3

Synthesizers and Keyboard Workstation

Sometimes you want everything in a compact solution, and talking about the keyboard, an arranger is a powerful tool for the experienced player. They can be played like regular digital piano or make your own music. Because the market is towards professionals, the price of a keyboard workstation will be pretty high compared to a beginner digital piano. They are a perfect solution for musicians looking for equipment to do everything to channel their creativity from composing to the finished record.

Digital instruments can be highly confusing such as between digital piano like Korg B2 Vs Yamaha P45, keyboard, synthesizer, and arranger. They have black and white keys. You can play piano sounds with them, but the main functions are quite different; some are more towards the experience of playing an instrument while others focus on creative composing like a workstation. What is a keyboard workstation? It is a keyboard with relatable tools for both performers and composers. They are ideal for professionals who want compact equipment that contains almost everything they need.

What is the difference between a synthesizer and a workstation? Both of them have the same primary focus: music creation and producing sound with extensive features. The synth can be categorized as a workstation that makes the sound from electronic circuitry, while a workstation is a type of MIDI controller. Do I need a keyboard workstation? This is an ideal option for those who want great sounds but don’t want the hassle of tweaking it all the time.

 Korg Kross 2Korg i3
Product Dimensions10.59 x 3.46 x 36.81 inches
40.83 x 11.65 x 3.15 inches
Shipping Weight8.36 pounds
12.76 pounds
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About Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3

Workstation is widely available so that you can find them from almost every well-known digital instrument manufacturer. Chances are they have a whole line of synthesizer and keyboard workstations or even a combination of both for your creative freedom. The price will vary based on what the equipment can offer, and sometimes the brand name can affect the cost. Famous companies like Yamaha and Korg are often a great choice to buy your product from because they have an excellent reputation in the category.

They also provide a wide range of workstations or synths to fit different pockets and preferences. Some of the most affordable and popular options are Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3. They will be a great partner for musicians whether you like to play on a stage or prefer to compose it instead. Of course, you can be both, and these workstations combine versatility with convenience. For stage performers, the workstation is usually more preferred to provide optimum sound editing capabilities.

Both are no longer strangers as Kross has been the staple of many small studios, and i3 was first available three decades ago. The Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 seem to target similar users or beginners to get their first keyboard workstation. However, we think that i3 is a simpler variant among the two and this model is very attractive if you love automatic accompaniment. One feature that we want to highlight is the Styles that provide backing just by choosing the option you want.

Kross 2, as the name suggests, is an upgrade or new version of the famous Kross 1. This compact synthesizer workstation features rich sounds that can be either very natural or out of this world, all at the convenience of a keyboard that we can easily transport. The price point may seem high compared to the i3, but there are also some features to add, such as Arpeggiator, but for beginners, the Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 should offer almost everything from creation to live performance.

Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 Design

One of the main charms of Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 is their compact size. For example, the Kross 2 61-keys style is only 36.8-inch wide, 10.6-inch deep, and 3.5-inch tall while weighing about 8 lbs. as keyboard only. The Korg i3 is slightly wider at almost 41-inch wide, 11.6-inch deep, and 3.1-inch tall with an initial weight of 8.8 lbs. Both keyboards come in durable plastic bodies and black or silver matte options for i3. As for Kross 2, there is also an 88-keys style for this model.

Some people may wonder whether Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 have a built-in speaker, and the answer is no. Like most workstations, they are meant to be used in the creation and live stages, where you will need to connect a type of output to listen to the sound. The keyboards come with a complex control panel to dial every function available. The i3 has one joystick, and Kross 2 has two wheels on the left side. Worry not because the manual will be beneficial when you forget its functions.

Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 Keyboard

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 can offer, starting from the keyboard. We always talk about weighted keys in digital pianos, but it is not necessary for a workstation because the goal is not to emulate acoustic pianos. Still, the Kross 2 88-keys style has this feature while this 61-keys variant is fixed, the same as i3. However, they are touch-sensitive, meaning we can adjust the velocity based on the playing intensity.

For affordable workstations, these keys are plasticky and relatively light to touch. The surface is also glossy as opposed to digital pianos. The springs allow each key to come back to the position after being pressed, but they may not be fast enough, especially compared to high-end models. Overall the keys are just good, and they should be fun to play but far less authentic than digital pianos.

Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 Sound

Coming to the sound category, Korg usually uses PCM sampling for many of their affordable keyboards. Kross 2 uses EDS-i that utilize samples with little modeling involved in the system and is PCM-based like the i3. As an arranger keyboard, you will get plenty of sounds built-in in the design, such as this i3 which comes with 790 preset sounds and 59 drum kits. How many sounds does the Kross 2 have? This system has 1,075 onboard sounds covering a broad category such as synth lead, synth pad, and user customs.

Both Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 also have built-in effects that you can apply to your sound. Kross 2 has 134 digital effect types and can be assigned to 5 insert effects, two master effects, and the mixer section, which is in charge of personal effects; all are stereo effects. As for the i3, this workstation has two independent stereo effects processors, and each comes with 173 variations to enrich your sound by adding motion, expression, and depth.

Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 Features

For beginners and everyone who wishes to have a higher convenience, there is an exciting feature we want to talk about. The feature we meant is Styles in Korg i3, an automatic accompaniment. Usually, including with Kross 2, recording tracks is mainly made by inputting steps into the sequencer tracks, playing them in real-time, controlling advanced arpeggiators on multiple tracks, etc. But, with i3, the system is doing backing, rhythm, bass, and percussion automatically for players to expand their creativity quickly.

This is an excellent feature because it doesn’t take a lot to sound good and helps new users get rich harmonies out of the box. In my experience, this system is intelligent and will nail it for most of the time. But, sadly, for the more experienced users, there is no option to choose this harmony pattern manually, thus limiting the freedom.

Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 Connectivity

Lastly, for connectivity, the Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 are very similar, and they can connect a damper pedal if desired. The audio output is through a 6.3mm phone jack, or you can add a headphone instead on the 3.5mm port. The workstations are easy to expand with a USB device when connecting a USB drive. We can also use them as MIDI with MIDI Out, but Kross 2 adds a card slot with a capacity of up to 2GB. In addition, besides with direct power, we can also use them with the battery.

Korg Kross 2 Vs Korg i3

Both Korg Kross 2 and Korg i3 are impressive and ideal as your first workstation. They are versatile for live performance or composing, but Kross 2 is marketed for the more experienced users with its rich and extensive features. The Kross 2 is also more complicated to operate than i3, so we need more time to recognize each function. The i3 is ideal as a budget workstation, especially for novice players with its automatic accompaniment.

61-key Synth Workstation with Synth-action Keybed
Step and MIDI Sequencers
Mic/Line Inputs - Black
EDS-i Sound Engine
61-key Wkstation Keyboard with Onboard Sequencer
USB-to-Device - Black
EQ; USB-to-Host


You can go fantastic with these keyboards, whether to expand creativity or play on stage. We recommend Kross 2 for experienced users who need more freedom to create their sounds and i3 for novice users who want to get into sound creation and need a budget workstation.