Korg Grandstage vs Yamaha CP88

The sound that comes from the piano is the most important thing when we talk about the piano. This time we have two big brands of choices, the Korg and Yamaha. Both of the brands are famous with the best sounds coming from them. While the Korg presents the Grandstage, Yamaha also presents the CP88. They come with unique features that appear on them.

Let’s get the review one by one, after that we can decide which one has the best features between them. May this review can help you to decide between one of them. 

Korg Grandstage

Korg Grandstage comes with unique features specially built for the pianist. It has an 88 RH3 weighted hammer action that appears on the surfaces. The hammer action on the Korg Grandstage has a different system compared with another piano in this class. The weight of the keys has some similar effects with the acoustic sound. This different concept makes the Grandstage have a better sound than any other piano. Read also: Yamaha P45B vs P115

The keys from the Korg Grandstage provide the high register that has heavier effects. This system is called the sensitivity of the keyboards to maximize the sound perfectly. The keyboard will serve to regulate the note by adjusting the volume. That means, the volume will sound the note perfectly.

Korg Grandstage comes with more than 500 different sounds of piano and another sound of musical instruments. It includes the seven different sounds that engine the piano with up to 128 polyphony. This means that the Korg Grandstages can play over the accompaniment sound with the more notes that accumulate on the piano.

The Grandstage from Korg provides the 3 bands EQ and 4 insert effect system. The system will synchronize the harmony from the notes to achieve the best sound. It also has a reverb effect which is a reflection from the sound. That system and the effect blend perfectly through the piano.

The connector from the Grandstage comes with the USB port for Pen Drive, two-line outputs XLR canon to balance the sound, and two line outputs jack. The USB to host is builts for a modern MIDI connector that allows the user to connect it with any device. It can connect to the computer or the phone. 

Korg Grandstage comes with the dimension in 1311 x 359 x 140 mm and 20 kg of weight. It is not too heavy to carry, so it makes it easier to bring into any occasion. The price of the Grandstage from Korg is also reasonable for any user, it costs about US$599 on Amazon. 

Yamaha CP88

The first impression from the Yamaha CP88 is about the surface that appears on the piano. It has a clean key, lighter piano, and also the interface is so simple. The scroll switch comes with three types of color to make the easier switch from any sound we want. the color is red, green, and the yellow color makes it so eye-catch looking.

Yamaha CP88 is an acoustic piano with so many features that come from it. The CP88 is a kind of digital piano that offers various sounds such as the grand piano, vertical piano, electric piano, and the keyboard sound to play any music with any genre. This type of piano from Yamaha brings a dynamic sound with a different music expression.

The CP88 from Yamaha comes with a large section of sound effect that integrates with the notes to produce the perfect sound. There are builts with reverb and delay effects that blend perfectly with the general equalization system. The system will make the best sound from the piano with only the need to adjust them into whatever sound the user wants.

The third sensor from the Yamaha CP88 makes it easier to play and repeat the notes. The 

notes can be rearticulated once it gets the repetition from the note without completely releasing them. This control makes it easier to use even if it is played by a beginner. Besides, the weightier feels durable to use for the user at any age.

The playability from the Yamaha CP88 provides the grade-hammer and the triple-sensor Keybed. This system integrates perfectly to bring the rich sound that comes from the piano. The synthetic ebony system makes the sound perfectly boost and it will give the fabulous sensation when playing the piano.

Yamaha CP88 provides at 18,6 kg of weight is not too heavy to carry into every occasion. The price from the Yamaha CP88 is also reasonable for this kind of piano in its class. It sells at about US$2,499 on Amazon, with the complete features from the piano. The piano also comes with the portable move piano set, so it is so easy to carry it on any occasion.

Korg Grandstage vs Yamaha CP88

- KORG's Grandstage Piano is equipped with seven powerful sound engines and is loaded with meticulously selected keyboard sounds
- The Grandstage has looks that pay respects to acoustic pianos, yet also convey the beauty and individuality of electronic instruments
- Firmly grounded in both newness and in the piano tradition, it's the birth of a masterpiece for a new generation
- Containing stupendous piano sounds from top-level instruments worldwide, the SGX-2 acoustic piano sound engine is what makes the Grandstage worthy of the term "ultimate
- 88 Natural Wood keys with Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Key Tops and Graded Hammer (GH3) Action
- Three premium grand pianos, two upright pianos and five electric pianos
- Master delay, reverb and EQ effects with dedicated realtime controls
- Seamless Sound Switching: change sounds while holding notes without sound cutoff

Which one do you prefer?

Comparing the Korg Grandstage and Yamaha CP88 are not easy to pick one of the best from them. But, if you love to have a richer sound comes from the piano, so the Yamaha CP88 is the answer. Why? Yamaha CP88 is more expensive to reach but the complete features are adorable. Well… Here we come with some reason for it.

Yamaha CP 88 has a graded hammer while the Korg Grandstage only features by the weighted hammer such as another piano in this class. With the grade hammer system on the Yamaha CP 88 makes the sound bright and light. The sound that comes from the Yamaha CP88 never disappoints the user while playing the instrument.

Yamaha CP88 integrates with the triple sensor Keybed while the Korg Grandstage does not have that kind of system. That means the CP88 from Yamaha has a better sound than the Korg Grandstage. With the sensor, Keybed makes the user flawlessly play the piano with the adorable ivory keytops.

The most important thing about why you should pick the Yamaha CP88 is about the design. While the Korg Grandstage comes with the material of plastic, Yamaha CP88 is built from the aluminum material surrounding the surfaces. It makes the Yamaha CP88 lighter than the Korg Grandstage.