Kawai MP11SE vs Nord Piano 4

In contrast to home and upstanding pianos, stage pianos are intended to be versatile. They are usually moderately compact and are intended to be viable with different stands and sources of inputs or outputs. 

This makes them incredible for gigging and meeting work, thus the term ‘stage piano’. In case you are a gigging performer or if you need the capacity to stick on the piano with others, you need a decent convenient keyboard or stage piano. 

Console-style digital pianos or acoustic pianos are extraordinary for rehearsing in your lounge, however, unless you want to lug around an instrument gauging many pounds, these types of piano miss the mark in movability. Stage pianos offer an incredible piano experience yet additionally gauge considerably less, occupy less room, and are boundlessly more convenient. 

There are a few top quality brands that offer a variety of brilliant stage pianos. With all the extraordinary convenient pianos available today, it is getting progressively hard to choose the best one for you. 

In this article, we narrow it down to the two best compact pianos out there, Kawai MP11SE and Nord Piano 4. Thus, without further ado, let us see what these two pianos offer. 

About the Piano 

  • Kawai MP11SE:

On the MP11SE, there are currently coal black finish side panels rather than the more earthy colored or rosewood end caps on the MP11. We very like, from a visual angle, how the side panels look on the first MP11. 

In any case, the dark panels are unquestionably a fine update on the MP11SE. Considerably more significant than style is the sound and there certainly has been an improvement in piano sounds on the Kawai MP11SE. 

The last significant change with regards to the MP11SE is the triple pedal unit. Presently, the old triple pedal unit for the MP11 was made by Fatar. 

However, presently, Kawai has made their own pedal unit. Read also: Casio PX-770 vs 870.

  • Nord Piano 4:

Nord Piano 4 is a superior contribution in the area of piano-centric keyboards, focusing on hyper realistic contact and expressive piano emulations. This fourth-age model expands on the best highlights of its ancestors, including extended polyphony, smoother fix changes, another filter bank, and upgraded splitting highlights. 

Kawai MP11SENord Piano 4
Product Dimensions60 x 24 x 11 inches
50.7 x 4.8 x 13.4 inches
Shipping Weight89.8 pounds
48 pounds
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  • Kawai MP11SE:

Having a decent sounding piano is clearly incredible, however, when you do not have highlights to play with, it sort of dulls the whole experience. Fortunately, that is not something we need to stress over with regards to this unit. 

It is completely stacked with functionalities and there are endless things to do with it. A portion of the highlights include: 

  • Dazzling SK-EX, SK-5, and EX acoustic terrific piano sounds
  • Class-driving Grand Feel wooden-key keyboard action  
  • Solid choice of reasonable electric pianos and different sounds 
  • Wide assortment of Virtual Technician sound altering parameters 
  • Instinctive panel with autonomous sound segments and effects 

  • Nord Piano 4:

The back panel of Nord Piano 4 chooses all the fundamentals: a sound system earphone output, an auxiliary screen in jack, singular 1/4″ left and right jacks, 5-pin and USB MIDI jacks, and sustain and control pedal inputs. The sustain jack bolsters Nord’s incorporated triple pedal set which would overwhelm you with its dynamic reaction. 

The damper’s quality and mechanical clamor levels are exactly constrained by pedal weight, loaning extra profundity in performance and practice. At the point when joined with the Piano 4’s soft release mode, the sustain damper softens and extends legato entries. 


  • Kawai MP11SE:

It gives you the vibe that you are playing a genuine instrument and not a digital toy like you may feel with other stage pianos. The sound bank with different instruments will create some more odd sounding sounds, yet the vibraphone and low pitch guitar sound genuinely okay. 

The best quality of Kawai MP11SE is unmistakably the way that it brings you as close as you can get to an authentic instrument without really having one. This unit is truly in the top-level with regards to this classification of stage pianos. 

It is advantageous, solid, compact (when contrasted with its rivals) and sounds fabulous. 

  • Nord Piano 4:

Nord Piano 4 accompanies two fundamental engine motors, the Piano and the Sample Synth. The piano engine is basically a similar one you get in the previous Nord stage pianos and the Synth area is a fundamental sample playback synth that grows the sound palette to incorporate sounds past standard pianos. 

All pianos found on Nord Piano 4 are sample-based and you can include other piano sounds utilizing the back panel’s USB connector and the Nord Sound Manager programming. To encourage this, Nord Piano 4 has 1GB of installed sample memory for the Piano area. 

Concerning which samples to utilize, we clearly love the XL samples for their degree of detail that surpasses those found on certain advanced pianos. In any case, in the event that you wind up performing more in band settings, with guitars, drums, and bass as consonant support, at that point, you will approve of different sizes.

Kawai MP11SE vs Nord Piano 4

- 88-key Stage Piano/Master Controller with Gr Feel Wooden-key Action
- Keyboard-split Modes
- 256-note Polyphony
- 6 Velocity Curves
- Seamless transitions when changing sounds or programs while playing; Layer and Split with Split Point crossfades
- OLED display excellent overview
- Enhanced Organize Mode includes Copy/Paste and Move functionality for quickly arranging your Programs to your desired order; Page View lets you easily sort pages as a song list
- Numeric Pad for direct Program access

Final Verdict 

Considering its craftsmanship, some may even say that Kawai MP11SE is undervalued. It ought to likewise be noticed that the second release of MP11SE has been generally elusive for some individuals as it is an uncommon unit. 

On the off chance that you do find the opportunity to get your hands on this piano and you comprehend what you look for from a piano, you ought to surely think about buying it. Meanwhile, Nord Piano 4 is a professional, adaptable instrument appropriate for all unique situations.

In the event that you are searching for a decent stage piano, then, Nord Piano 4 is a great decision. The pianos sound radiant and the effects segment permits you to additionally shape the sound as you would prefer.

So, it essentially looks, feels, and sounds extraordinary. The superior cost will cost out some beginner and intermediate keyboardists, yet you get what you pay for: this is a first in class piano with no hints of nonsense. 

However, device weight, not to be mistaken for keybed weight, is somewhat heavier than anticipated.