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Korg Grandstage vs Roland RD 2000

Electric piano is a great choice for any student or musician who wants to improve their skill, composing, or just as a hobby to spend their free time. For

Yamaha P71 vs Roland FP10

The piano becomes the most popular music instrument after the guitar. It has a simple look design that makes everyone want to play it. Speaking of it, this time

Roland Juno DS61 vs Yamaha MX61

Looking for a suitable synthesizer sometimes can be quite challenging and not easy. Especially if you find out there are many brands with similar features and price. You will

Roland FP10 vs Kawai ES110

So you are in the market for another advanced piano or simply beginning and are searching for a decent keyboard to learn on. Or on the other hand, you

Roland Juno DS61 vs Korg Kross 2

Finding the best music instrument sometimes is hard to find. Especially if we don’t have much time to research it. The music industry is upgrading its product from time

Roland FP 30 vs FP 10

Electric or digital piano is the best option to learn and train the skill as well as versatile for various needs both for live and recordings. Roland FP 30

Casio PX 160 vs Roland FP 30

Piano is one of the most rich and most adored music instruments that are having by various people the world over. Playing music isn’t just about getting paid or

Roland FP30 vs Kawai ES110

Having a piano at home is nice so player can practice more and master their skill faster but, not all pianos out there are made for the right user,