Casio WK 245 Vs Yamaha YPG 235

Digital variants of huge acoustic instruments are affordable and convenient as you can bring them almost anywhere especially for pianos. They are also ideal for learners or beginners as we don’t have to invest much such as with the Casio WK 245 Vs Yamaha YPG 235. These models are what many of us are starting with because they are both friendly to play and to the pocket. If you are also considering these pianos, do check our article below to see which will be the better option.

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  • Casio WK 245 Vs Yamaha YPG 235

Digital Piano

All of us love music and chances are you also love a certain genre better than the other or have one or more musicians that inspire you to become one as well. Music is the color of life just like arts that can bring various interpretations into your mind but most often, we listen to it as entertainment and personally, we never go a day without our favorite songs. If you are more serious, learning how to play an instrument is a great way to get to know your music better.

Among those many musical instruments out there, piano is arguably one of the most popular options for new learners or students to play. They are often introduced from an early age or even pre-school to adults who are interested in learning how to play this versatile instrument. They are the favorite of many not only because of the beautiful sound but also the fairly easy start as you get to create proper sound just by pressing a key; unlike some instruments that require proper handling first.

If you are here then it means that you are currently looking for a piano as well to play at home or to learn and practice. The most important part is probably key if this is for beginner pianos. The full 88 style has 7 octaves but, does it have to be 88 keys? the answer is no because chances are you can go by with less depending on what you want to learn, for example the 76 key is more than sufficient for most music.

Casio WK 245Yamaha YPG 235
Product Dimensions50 x 7 x 18 inches
63.1 x 19.3 x 11.3 inches
Shipping Weight23.5 pounds
66 pounds
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If digital piano or electric piano is too simple, there are arranger keyboards and workstation as well that can offer tons of sound depending on the sound engine but the type of keyboard like Roland RD 2000 Vs Korg Kronos are not ideal for new players. They are too rich and too complicated especially for young players so it can be distracting as well. Next important part is their keyboard and if you need something that gives similar experience then weighted keys are necessary.

Weighted keys give the similar feeling to how a real instrument or real piano feels like; the low end will be heavier and the higher keys will have lighter weight too. Besides weighted keys, a more common feature is touch sensitive keys which mean the keys will respond in volume according to how hard or soft we struck the keys. This can stimulate our hand when playing the real instrument to get the more realistic experience.

About Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235

All digital pianos will be a good companion compared to none and for learners, it is great to have them at home so then we can practice anytime we want including if you already learn it at school or at a course. But, since we are just starting, it is probably best to keep the budget low and to look for an instrument that is easy to play. You can decide the options by browsing from the various brands or checking out what other learners are going with.

Personally we prefer to stick with popular names when it comes to digital pianos because it simplifies your shopping process and chances are they will offer a collection of more reliable products. When it comes to digital piano, two companies we trust are Casio and Yamaha among other big players out there such as Korg and Roland, especially if you need to keep the budget low, as these two offer a wide range of models and price points including for their beginner lineup.

In their collection, the Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235 are two ideal options to consider if you want to start strong and versatile. As you may already know, the two are not a full 88 key style keyboard and while they may not be the best if you are strictly looking for the realistic feeling of an acoustic piano, we do think they are still amazing for both casual players and learners who need an instrument to learn and play around with.

You can probably call them a workstation as well which is why they are versatile enough for people who just want to get a piano to practice and to be creative. In general they have a pretty much similar set of features with some distinct technology from their respective company but, being a different model from different manufactures also made Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235 two different keyboards. In comparison, Casio WK 245 actually offers more in the similar price range.

Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235 Design

The best thing about a 76 key style keyboard is their smaller size so if you have little space to spare for the instrument, they will be more forgiving. The measurements of these models are 46.73 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 5 inches tall compared to 46.3 inches wide, 16.2 inches deep, and 5.3 inches tall respectively. The piano itself is made entirely from plastic but seems pretty okay for a fixed setup. They also have similar types of layout.

As you can see from the sample picture above, they are featured with a set of two speakers located on each of their top corners while the middle area is where you will find a collection of their controls and a small display at the center. These buttons are not the best but they are functional and actually very comfortable to work with. In terms of aesthetic, it can be subjective but, personally we prefer a black finish over any other color as they are simpler and discreet.

Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235 Keyboard

There are various things to consider in a digital piano in general and one of the most important is the keys itself. Both Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235 are 76 key styled keyboards so they are one octave lesser than the 88 type but they are also using a different technology here for the keys. Yamaha decided to use semi-weighted keys for this model which differs from a real hammer action. The semi-weight keys use spring mechanism in combination with weight that are attached to each key.

This mechanism creates a light touch like pressing with no effort but as you release the key, there is this slight resistance as if they are holding different weights. On the other hand Casio only has touch sensitive keys which are also packed by Yamaha and this means the piano will create sound to follow how strong or soft we struck the keys. You can also adjust the sensitivity of this feature to match your personal preference.

Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235 Sound

The next most important thing in a piano is their sound and here Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235 are also different. For starters you can find lots of sounds from their collection, respectively at 600 and 489 sounds and different maximum polyphony at 48 and 32 notes. The two also have more than a hundred rhythms in the collection and can offer 6-track recording as well as playback to accompany your playing. We can store the file on board or if you need more room we can move them to the PC.

Having a USB connector in these keyboards is making them even more versatile because it opens a possibility to work with your digital workstation as well and combining them into a more powerful system without a hefty price. What’s different is Yamaha actually doesn’t have the USB to Device port so we need a USB AB cable to use the USB to Host port to transfer files and use the keyboard as MIDI.

Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235 Features

The last part we want to mention is their additional features and here both Casio WK 245 and Yamaha YPG 235 are featuring their learning function to help beginners start their journey. Yamaha has P.A.T. in this model that allows you to play the correct note even with the wrong key as long as you get the timing right and a Y.E.S. system that teaches you to learn the instrument step by step. On the other hand Casio has Step-Up Lesson with phrases, evaluation, and voice fingering guide.

Casio WK 245 Vs Yamaha YPG 235

These affordable keyboards are very similar but also different to each other. They are ideal for both learners and players who want to keep the budget low. In general their differences are on the keyboard which Yamaha is better here with semi-weighted keys while on the sound part Casio has higher polyphony and collection of sound in addition to USB port to conveniently and directly use the keyboard as MIDI.

- Whether prepping for a performance or just learning, the large backlit LCD display has everything in view, including music notation
- The performance controls ar right at your fingertips so you can easily combine tones as layers and split the keyboard too
- Features an AUX input for connecting your MP3 player or other devices allowing you to enjoy the stereo speaker system in multiple ways
- The USB MIDI port is ready for computers and even iOS devices without the need for drivers
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- Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano
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Overall you can pick any of them as they are equally good choices but, depending on which you prefer better, we actually like the Casio WK 245 better here especially with its wider range of sound and more convenient port.