Casio WK 245 vs Casio Wk6600 

As you start a journey as a musician, you’ll probably need an instrument to practice at home. The reason for this is that if you don’t have the piano, it’s easy to forget things that you learn during lessons. Also, it becomes difficult to become proficient with your instrument.

When you start looking for a piano, you may not go for the acoustic piano. It’s quite expensive, for one, it may not be suitable for beginners, and you’ll need more space to store it. Furthermore, why should you go for an acoustic piano while you can find a fantastic digital piano that fits your needs? Yes, digital pianos are the go-to instruments for most players nowadays.

And if you buy from the right manufacturer, you’ll end up with an instrument that sounds and operates as an acoustic piano and comes with new modern qualities that an acoustic piano may lack. However, to get an excellent digital piano, you need a budget. Therefore, in this article, we are going to review two digital piano which may fit your need : Casio WK 245 and Casio wk 6600

Casio WK 245

First of all, Casio WK-245 is considered as a beginner level piano and you should know what you should be expecting. This prevents you from keeping high expectations, which can get badly shattered by the reality of these beginner-level keyboards. Read also: Kawai MP11SE Vs Yamaha CP88.

  • Performance

The Casio WK 245 is a 76 keyed digital piano which is something we normally don’t recommend but its not as bad as a 61 keyed digital piano. It’s only lacking 5 keys from being an 81 keyed digital piano. So maybe it isn’t that big of a con for a beginner. As for the design its quite a simple piano except that the corners are curved, and the control panel has a backlit LCD. Although plasticky keys are a huge turn-off for us, for a price like this you can hardly find better keys. The rest of the body is quite sturdy, and the weight of the keyboard is only 23 lbs. It’s 50 inches long and 18 inches wide.

Casio WK 245 Casio Wk6600 
Product Dimensions54 x 12 x 20 inches
51.1 x 14.3 x 5.56 inches
Shipping Weight15.9 pounds
1 pounds
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  • Sound Quality and Key Sensitivity

The Casio WK 245 has good instrument sounds with the amazing memory of built-in tones, songs, and presets. With 600 built-in tones, 148 presets, and 152 built-in songs the Casio WK has truly impressed the user. The disappointing thing was to find that it can only hold up to a polyphony of 48 notes. Casio could easily have done much better than this. Moreover, the WK-230 has been equipped with a built-in amplifier that did not stand up to the promise. The speakers were also subpar. Connecting to an external amplifier and speaker drastically improved the sound quality. 

Although the keys of Casio WK-245 are not weighted or graded they do respond according to the sensitivity of the touch. Furthermore, the length and width of keys are the same as that of an 88 keyed digital piano. These features are enough for beginners to learn and get better at playing the piano.  

Casio WK 6600

The Casio WK 6600 is an affordable, versatile keyboard for aspiring or intermediate level digital musicians and composers. The Casio WK 6600 isn’t a great choice for absolute beginners, since it doesn’t have any onboard lesson functions, and it can take a while to learn to navigate all the features and settings. But for digital musicians who want to expand beyond their entry-level keyboard, this is a fantastic choice.

With an onboard sequencer, mixer, and pitch bend wheel, you can create and perform a huge range of songs, sounds, and styles, in a compact and lightweight keyboard. The onboard speakers with bass enhancement offer great sound on their own, or connect it to external speakers for greater volume.

  • Performance

The Casio WK 6600 has Backlit LCD screen is easy to read. It also has 76 touch-sensitive piano-style keys, powered by the Casio AHL sound engine. It has an enormous 700 instrument tone library, along with 210 built-in rhythms, and the reverb and chorus effects one would find in a high end keyboard.

It also has a real-time 16 track song sequencer and a 32 channel mixer, so you can sample, edit, and mix right on the keyboard. With a pitch bend wheel, a wide range of controllers, and great registration memory and one-touch settings, you can even take this keyboard onstage, and use the onboard speakers with the Bass Reflex System, or connect external speakers.

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The Casio WK 6600 is very similar to the Casio WK-245, since they are both 76-key workstation keyboards from the same company.

Both of the keyboards have:

  • 6 full size touch-responsive keys
  • Casio dual-element AHL sound engine
  • 48 max levels of polyphony
  • 10 user-created rhythms
  • 10 types of reverb and 5 types of chorus
  • Layer and split keyboard functions
  • General MIDI capability
  • A backlit LCD display
  • Microphone, headphone, and pedal jacks
  • A USB port
  • Both keyboards are also nearly identical in size and weight, and have AC and battery power capability

Casio WK 245 vs Casio Wk6600 

- Whether prepping for a performance or just learning, the large backlit LCD display has everything in view, including music notation
- The performance controls ar right at your fingertips so you can easily combine tones as layers and split the keyboard too
-Features an AUX input for connecting your MP3 player or other devices allowing you to enjoy the stereo speaker system in multiple ways
- The USB MIDI port is ready for computers and even iOS devices without the need for drivers
- 700 built-in tones for endless creativity
- Song Sequencer has 16 tracks plus one system track
- 32-channel mixer for adjustments in volume, pan, reverb send and more
- Multiple digital effects such as reverb and chorus


The Casio WK-245 considered as an entry-level digital keyboard, designed for those who want to learn playing keyboard, and with a great range of options for rhythms, instrument voices, and other settings for beginners to learn how to play and use a digital workstation keyboard.

Meanwhile, The Casio WK 6600 is a more advanced keyboard, with recording, editing, mixing, and playback capabilities, along with the pitch bend wheel and more ports and connections. This keyboard designed for musicians who already know how to play, but want more capabilities, more options, and more control.

Both are good keyboards, and each offers advantages to different musicians. For novices and beginners, you would probably save some money and go with the WK-245. On the other side, for musicians who have outgrown the WK-245 and want a more advanced instrument, the WK 6600 is a great choice.