Casio SA 77 Vs SA 78

For many years, Casio is known as one of the most favorite brands in the world in terms of various musical instruments. The path of its music industry has been a long journey making Casio trusted as one of the best music instrument brands in the world. This also one of the reasons why the brand keeps innovating new technology on various music devices. Including in developing the technology and design of their keyboard products. One of the famous series in the market is Casio SA 77 VS SA 78. Even that both products coming from the same parent brand but it doesn’t mean that both are exactly at the same features and strength. For more information before selecting the most suitable product between Casio SA 77 VS SA 78, the next paragraphs will help to show some overviews of it.

General Overview

Whether Casio SA 77 or Casio SA 78 were launched from the same concept of keyboard. This product focus on providing the user with a specific essentials experience while playing the tunes. That is why the basic concept of the design is to provide all the musician needs in the era of this generation. Provided with up to 100 tones, 50 rhythms, and 10 built-in songs inside this product, the keyboard can be a viable solution for the young musician at the current age. Not to mention that it also has a large selection button to help young musicians choosing between piano, organ, or reed organ to play. Through these mini keyboards, it helps those that on the learning stage to be experienced in playing the music easy and comfortable.

Casio SA 77Casio SA 78
Product Dimensions25.5 x 9 x 3 inches23.78 x 8.36 x 2.24 inches
Shipping Weight3.09 pounds3.09 pounds
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General Features

Since Casio SA 77 VS SA 78 created at the same idea and segment, it delivers the products to marks as a similar series of the mini keyboard. Launch from a reputable brand of Casio, whether Casio SA 77 VS SA 78 mentioned the following specific features and items.

  • The keyboards were completed with 44 numbers keys and shape as a mini key that suitable for most children in the world. Therefore, it helps young musicians to learn in comfort and easy way even at their first trial.
  • Provided with 100 number of built-in tones and consists of 8 polyphonies to help the young musician select the most preferred combination of tones whenever they want to play these mini keyboards.
  • Completed with 50 numbers of built-in rhythms for broader selection to made during playing.
  • Includes 10 number songs and completed with a part of on/off function to ease the user in turning on or turning off the mini keyboards.
  • These mini keyboards also completed with metronome functions, key transpose, tuning control, and excellent display for your lovely children.
  • The mini keyboards require 6 batteries AA size to turn on. It also can be charged through the AD-E95100L series adaptor.
  • Completed with an 8cm x 2 speaker system for better sound to listening. Not to mention also completed with 0.8W + 0.8W amplifier for better sound.
  • Unit size is 604 x 211 x 57mm with a total weight of 1.4kg. Making the device is comfortable enough to carry by your children.
  • Provided with an LCD to easily looking at the selection.
  • Consists of five drum pads for more melody and included with the melody cut rehearsal system.

The Differences

In terms of features and specification, whether Casio SA 77 VS SA 78 are at the same points of features. There are not many differences if you look specifically at each product. The main concern that will require thinking from the buyer might be the following items.

  • Different color finish, this is the main visible difference between the two products. If Casio SA 77 is created with black base color with the grey color of elements, then Casio SA 78 is created with black base color but with the pink color of elements. Therefore, this might be an important consideration in terms of the gender of their user. Casio SA 77 will be more fit for a boy, while Casio SA 78 will be more suitable for a girl.


As the product coming from the same brand and the same segments of product, it will be not a wonder if this mini keyboard is selling in the market with the same and similar price. To get a unit of Casio SA 77 or Casio SA 78, then you have to pay only $54. A very cheap price compare with the talent of your children that can be developed through practicing using these mini keyboards. Therefore, it shall be no excuse in terms of price whenever you plan to give this mini keyboard as a gift. Read also: Roland RD 2000 vs Nord Stage 3.

Casio SA 77 Vs SA 78

- The LCD screen helps with selecting different music options
- Also features 5 drum pads and a Melody Cut Rehearsal System
- Built-in speakers and headphone output for quiet play
- Also includes a striking change-over switch making it easy to switch between piano and reed organ/organ modes
- The LSI sound source and the 8-note polyphony ensure good sound quality
- The LCD screen helps with selecting different music options
- Built-in speakers and headphone output for quiet play
- Also includes a striking change-over switch making it easy to switch between piano and organ modes


After reading the above information, it is quite clear which product will be your suitable preference between Casio SA 77 VS Casio SA 78. Both are very similar in terms of specifications and features. Therefore, you shall no doubt both products in terms of sound quality, music option, and keyboard design comfortable aspects. They both are like a twin if you try to compare the features. However, it has been described above too that the only main difference to catch up when you try to compare Casio SA 77 VS SA 78 is the element color. Where Casio SA 77 is having a black color base with grey elements while Casio SA 78 is having a black color base with pink elements. Therefore, the difference is more to color options in terms of the gender of their user.

Overall, those that looking for a mini keyboard shall be quite happy to select this product. Therefore, never doubt Casio if you plan to get the mini keyboard for your lovely daughter or son. It is a suitable option whenever you want your children to start to learn a musical instrument. Especially if they prefer to play the piano and keyboards. Casio is always a good start for a young musician to develop their skills. Not to mention that Casio provide reasonable and affordable price to get for most parents. Hence, the last choice to make is only to choose the color option. Happy selecting!