Casio SA-76 vs SA-77

In the article below, we will see the comparisons between Casio SA-76 Vs SA-77. Both are easy to use because it has only 44 mini sized key. It is really useful for the beginner who doesn’t have any abilities in playing piano. Even so, both of these two models have almost the same features and specification, but it has different price and colors.

– The features of Casio SA-76 and SA-77
– The function of the keyboard
– The price of Casio SA-76 and SA-77

Both Casio SA-76 and SA-77 almost has the same features. Casio SA-76 and Casio SA-77 have an LCD to show the song, the number of the song, and also the tempo of the music. We can choose the easy sound because both of them have keys for the Piano sound and also Harmonium /organ. See also our article about Casio CTK-2550 vs CTK2400 here!

And also, Casio SA-77 has learning function to make us easier to turn on/off when we play the piano. Casio SA-77 has 4 sounds, has four rhythms, and has one song and 2 sounds of Indian percussion. However, the Casio SA-76 only has five buttons including the two buttons for Indian percussion.

Both Casio SA-76 and SA-77 has 44 mini-sized keys and has 5 percussion pads. It makes the beginner easy to play the instrument. It also has handling holder to make us easier to move the instrument. 

Casio SA-76and casio SA-77 almost has similar specification. Two of them have 44 mini-sized keys which are really nice for the beginner. It also has 100 sounds and 50 rhythm patterns. The power Supply specifically designed for Casio Keyboards. The Stickers also can turn any keyboard into an easy to play instrument instantly.
Casio SA-76 and SA-77 are equipped by the speaker. It is also equipped by Headphone/output (jack stereo mini 3.5 mm, externals (9,5V DC). It is really nice to play around with another device which hooks in through the headphone jack. Between Casio SA-76 and SA-77 has 1.4 kg weight, it doesn’t include the batteries. It uses the Batteries AA x 6/AD-E95100L.

And for these two models almost have the same features and also have the same specification. But, for the color, Casio SA-77 has two colors of the product, they are grey and orange. But, for Casio SA-76, it has only single color, it’s orange.

Price of Casio SA-76and SA 77
Even, they almost have the same specification. But for the prize, it’s a little bit different. Casio SA-76 is more expensive for the price rather than Casio SA-77. So, if you are sure to buy the instrument which cost less money, You can buy SA-77. But if you think enough to buy the instrument which is cost more money, you can buy Casio SA-76.

Casio SA-76 vs SA-77

- Simple tone selection with piano, organ tone button and melody on/off lesson function
- Easy-to-read LCD display
- Product doesn't include an adapter
- 8-Note Polyphony
- 50 Play Along Tracks
- 5 Drum Pads

While these two models are really simple and easy to handle. These two models are the perfect option for you who are the beginner in playing piano. You can choose for both because they almost have the same specification and almost has the same feature. But, for the price, it’s a little bit different.