Casio SA 76 vs SA 77

Learning to play a new instrument is not easy because we have to be dedicated and have enough willpower as well as patient to pass each level. To support your learning journey, a good beginner instrument will also needed like Casio SA 76 vs SA 77 for those who just learn on how to play a piano. They are very popular and very similar to each other, yet also different. If you want to know how they differ, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to five you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a piano for your children
– What are Casio SA 76 and SA 77
– What Casio SA 76 and SA 77 Look Like
– What Casio SA 76 and SA 77 can offer to you
– What Casio SA 76 and SA 77 are lacking in
– Casio SA 76 vs SA 77

Digital Piano for Children
As one of the most popular instrument to be played, piano are attracting so many new players each day who want to master or learn on how to play the unit. The players are also coming from a wide range of age starting from children until older people because they are indeed a very interesting and fun to play instrument. Each one of us may have different taste and preference but piano is still belong to the heart of many music enthusiasts.

While the instrument itself is very popular, it doesn’t mean that the learning process is easy because they are among the hardest instrument to play or learn among other instruments like violin and French Horn. However, the hardness level is not reducing people’s interest on piano and even until today, they are still attracting many new learners or players who just start to know the basic or continue mastering their skill to be better and able to play like their goals.

For those with more experience, it will be easier for them to choose or select the kind of piano they want or matching their playing level, but as beginner, we are still too green to see each one of them and compare to see which can be the best option. The fastest way is to ask your teacher or people with more experience on the field about the correct option but if you don’t have access to such people, it is good to look for other people’s recommendation on the internet.

Teenage or older new learners may want to pick a full sized digital piano but if you want to give it as a present for younger player or buying for your own kid, you may want to look for a piano that only comes with less keys to help them more focus on what should be learn first. This type of piano is widely available and can be found in many instrument stores but instead of looking like a professional unit, most of them are colorful enough to attract children’s attention.

We understand that not all children are interested to musical instrument or have the proper attitude to learn to play them, but the effort we put to help them learn will be paid latter. Not only it will develop their skills, we can also encourage their creativity and practice time management as well as organization.

About Casio SA 76 and SA 77
With the huge option in the market, it is understandable that sometime we can get confused when choosing the correct item we want to have. However, if you need to find them quickly, one of the fastest way is to look from your favorite brand first and among those many options, Casio may have what you need within their collection. This brand is very popular and we are sure you are also familiar with their name while in term of quality, they are also not disappointing.

They indeed have a huge option to pick but if what you are looking for is the one meant to be used for younger player, Casio SA 76 and SA 77 can be a great choice. Both of them are almost identical and coming with the same capabilities that make the users confused about which to choose. While there is no prominent or heavy upgrade on the unit, they are still a different model which one may suit your preference better.

Casio SA 76 and SA 77 Design
Looking at Casio SA 76 and SA 77 from the outside, they look like the same item with different color option since from the shape and size, they are identical. However, we can easily tell them apart thanks to the product’s model printed on top along with color option. As you can see from the sample picture, the SA76 housing is red-orange while on the other, they are grey. Additionally, there is an orange button on top that seems to have a slightly different function or option.

Casio SA 76 and SA 77 Features
Since both of Casio SA 76 and SA 77 are a children aimed digital piano, they are only coming with 44 keys which is perfect for any young piano players to get start with so they will not get befuddled with the number and range of keys from the full size version. The best benefit of lesser amount of keys is it will be easier for them to know where to place their hands without forcing them to stretch them into a wider areas.

Even though they are beginner pianos with limited keys, they are in no mean being lack of features because even from the sample picture above, we are sure you can already guess what are coming in these models. The first is their tone collection which is available in a whopping number of 100 tones we can see printed on top of the unit. This collection is also combined with 50 rhythms and 10 built-in songs that are sure going to keep our children entertained.

Unlike many other beginner pianos even those made for older players, both of Casio SA 76 and SA 77 are even featured with a competent LC display to help user or player navigate their keyboard with a clear information on what’s currently chosen. Going back to the 100 tones present on both models, this amount is more than enough or even more than most similar pianos out there, moreover, they are coming with Casio reputable quality. Read also: Casio SA 76 vs SA 46 here.

However, they are still not supported by the company’s tone generation technologies like those we can find in the more expensive units including Linear Morphing AiF system or the Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator. As for the polyphony, these pianos’ sound are backed by 8-note polyphony which is very low since most similar units out there at least have 32 notes, making these models not suitable for older player who want to play a complex songs.

However, remembering that these are coming with only 44 keys, we think there will be no serious problem here such as dropping notes. On rhythm part, they are featured with 50 different rhythms and all of them are a wonderful viable options for young players to give them a sense of rhythm and composition while playing their music. Here we can find different waltzes, ballad, salsas and other modern option of rhythm as well to choose from.

Additionally, Casio SA 76 and SA 77 are also coming with 10 practice tunes. These tunes are used for new players to learn how the piano is played and to play along as well. This feature is very useful to let children practice tunes and focus on giving a variety of styles that will benefit their sense of music. Another feature here is the included 5 different drum pads for variation.

In addition to the rhythm options above which will be useful to help children learn on how to play the instrument, these pianos are also coming with another learning feature or Melody Cut Rehearsal system. This feature is especially designed to help children learn how to play with the right hand which is built in these models. As you may already know, most beginners have to learn how to play with the right hand and then left hand first, so this learning system will guide them to use the right hand step by step.

Casio SA 76 and SA 77 Disadvantages
As a beginner piano made for children, it is understandable that we can’t ask much, making the use of these models are also limited. Unlike many other pianos, these two are lacking many functions such as transpose, metronome, tempo, or turning function which we often find in beginner pianos. Another disadvantage is the missing of layer function but our children will probably won’t need them yet until they can master these units.

However, we are glad to see that Casio SA 76 and SA 77 are featured with headphone jack because they are a necessary feature we will need to let our children learn in private because we never know when they want to play the instrument and this can reduce a noisy environment, moreover, if they have younger sibling who need to rest.

Now, let’s compare Casio SA 76 with SA 77. Until this part we are sure you already know what to expect from these two pianos and generally, they are coming with the same capabilities. What differ them is on the orange button we mentioned above because in SA 76, this change-over button is used to switch between piano and organ modes while on the other model it is used to switch between piano and reed organ or organ mode.

Casio SA 76 vs SA 77

-Simple tone selection with PIANO, ORGAN tone button and melody on/off lesson function
- Easy-to-read LCD display
- Product doesn't include an adapter
- 44 Mini Keys
- 8-Note Polyphony
- 50 Play Along Tracks

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because there is no prominent difference between these two models and they are also coming with the same price range so in our opinion, you can pick either of them that match your children’s favorite color or fashion best to attract their attention.