Casio PX 770 vs Yamaha P115

As one of the most well-known instruments, piano is a very popular option for anyone who is interested in learning a new musical instrument. But, since the acoustic model can be quite costly, many of us are opting for the digital model such as Casio PX 770 Vs Yamaha P115. These pianos are amazing for learners and overall more casual players as they sound good but also very affordable. If these models attract your attention, go check below about what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Learning to Play a Piano
  • What are Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115
  • What Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 Look Like
  • How are the Keys on Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115
  • How are the Sound of Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115
  • What else Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 can offer
  • Casio PX 770 Vs Yamaha P115

Learning Pianos

Learning a musical instrument is usually something we have done as children but, even when you are an adult now, being able to play an instrument can be an advantage to your life. Among those many musical instruments out there, piano must be one of the most, if not the most popular instrument itself. Compared to for example string instruments, they are fairly easy to make sound with and to start so even beginners can make beautiful sounds despite having zero or less experiences.

If you are and adult and just recently taking and interest to play this instrument, there are still so many advantages we will gain not only finally being able to play those favorite pieces on your own:

  1. First is its benefit on brain processing as well as hearing and memory loss because these capabilities will usually slow down as we age. In a study those playing music throughout their lives have shown a reverse on the decline of brain processing, memory, and inner ear hearing loss.
  2. For children and teenagers or even adults, there is a study that was conducted to see whether musical training affects learning ability and this showed that second graders’ math skills appears to be significantly improved among their peers who don’t take specialized musical training.
  3. It also encourages creativity because there is a recent study that sees brain activity when a pianist is not playing an instrument where the default or stereotypical responses happen is actually off but active when pianists start to play their instrument.
  4. If you are the type who finds it hard to manage time and be disciplined, learning instruments including piano will help you by being more consistent. Just like everything, these instruments need constant practice to learn and by being strict to our schedule, we will also be more used to forcing better management in our life.
  5. It has been long known that multiple areas of the brain light up when playing music, the same as when a person is doing full body work-out. This will strengthen multiple areas of the brain including your ability to concentrate, focus, and apply knowledge while the music itself allows you to exercise the brain in other areas.
Casio PX 770Yamaha P115
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58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches
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26 pounds
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About Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115

While learning an instrument is not an easy and fast process, they are very beneficial to keep your mind active and exercise various natural capabilities especially our brain since it usually will deteriorate when we grow older. But, before being able to play the instrument, you have to own one first because it will be much easier to get used and learn them if you have it at home thus, we can train everyday and more routinely. Acoustic pianos are beautiful but if you don’t want to spend as much, digital units are just as capable.

They used to sound artificial in the past and still like that on the lower-price option but, nowadays many huge companies are already improving so much that being an electric model doesn’t hinder them from sounding amazing. We recommend to stick with well-known names as well however because they are more trusted in product quality and usually have lots of options to match with your playing level or budget range. Among those leading brands, Casio and Yamaha are two amazing options to consider.

They are leaders in the market along with other good brands like Korg and Alesis but we do think these two are ideal if you want to optimize the budget. They have tons of models that are spreading in different levels and for those who are looking for a middle-end model to improve skill or to play casually at home then Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 will be two of the best choices you can make. These pianos are not expensive but do sound great yet, better for those with experience.

The PX 770 is one of the newest models from Privia line together with the PX 870 but the latter is a more expensive model if you want more from the instrument. They are fairly identical however with little differences and it is also currently the most affordable cabinet style owned by Casio as the redesigned version of PX 760. As for P115 by Yamaha, this has been long known as the star of portable keyboard but since the 125 that you can check on Yamaha P 125 Vs Roland FP 30, replaced the model, it can be difficult to find the unit.

Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 Design

The basic difference between Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 is probably their design itself because the former is a cabinet style piano while the latter is a compact unit so in terms of which consume less space Yamaha will save you quite a room. The P115 is measured at 52-inch wide and 6.4-inch high when installed without a stand. The PX 770 is actually compact for the main unit at 45.7-inch wide and 11.7-inch deep but the table requires assembly and space to install.

Fashion wise, you will find them in black or white shade but Casio offers a brown version as well to match with your interior design. What most people love from slim digital pianos like these two is they do look pretty in different settings and the lack of buttons or monitor makes them simple but also attractively have this “professional” appearance.

Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 Keys

The first part we want to talk about Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 is their keys and as you can see, they are full-size 88 keys. They are also full weighted the same you will get on more expensive models or acoustic piano but as they come from different brands, they will also have different technology. Starting with Casio, it has Ivory & Ebony key surface and uses Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II which is the same we can find on those priced above $2K models.

This technology uses real hammers to create the mechanical movement and mimic the similar feeling of an acoustic piano. Scaled hammer also simulates the heavier keys on low register and lighter feeling on the higher parts. As for Yamaha, this version uses GHS which is the standard of almost any of its pianos under $1K and in general it has quite a heavy touch that is close to the acoustic piano. These two also touch sensitive and adjustable from the intensity.

Casio have 3 preset settings as well as Yamaha so you can adjust how you want the keys to produce sound because the widest dynamic range will be offered on the highest setting and overall it will cause your sound to follow the intensity of your playing.

Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 Sound

Moving further, let’s check the sound of Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 and starting with the first, this model is coming with Casio’s proprietary multi-dimensional morphing AiR Sound Source which processor features an increased memory capacity for better samples and even more accurate sound. In addition, they use lossless audio technology for compressing sound data to prevent audio quality loss. Yamaha on the other hand has its Pure CF sound engine similar to the P-line flagship P255.

This sound is added with the new 001 Grand Piano which is taken from the popular Yamaha CFIIIS 9’ Concert Grand Piano and was recorded at multiple volume levels for each of its notes. This resulted in a very convincing grand piano sound that sounds very beautiful. As for the sound collection Yamaha has 3 grand pianos, 3 electric pianos, 3 organs, vibraphone, strings, harpsichord, and wood bass while Casio has 5 grand pianos, 4 electric pianos, 4 organs, 2 strings, harpsichord, vibraphone, and bass.

Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 Modes

The last part we want to mention is their additional features and here they have some basic capabilities we often see on digital pianos as well such as the duet play which is splitting the keys into two equal parts so two people can play at the same time and it is very useful in learning situations. Another mode is dual mode which layer two sounds together so you can play them at the same time. In addition, Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 can do split mode as well which is similar to duet play but each part has a different sound.

Casio PX 770 vs Yamaha P115

These middle-end pianos are amazing for the budget, they are affordable, sound great, and also come in quality material. We love their keys which greatly mimic the real instrument including the touch sensitive function as well but side by side, Casio PX 770 and Yamaha P115 are easily equal. They have good samples and audio quality but Casio offers more sounds in its collection while Yamaha has higher polyphony count (128 vs 192 notes).

- A superior grand piano experience
- 88 scaled, weighted hammer-action keys with simulated ebony and ivory textures
- Stunning new piano sound with detailed resonance, plus 18 other Tones
- Stereo speaker system built into stylish, modern wooden cabinet
- The Pure CF Sound Engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a meticulously sampled Yamaha's acclaimed 9' CFIIIS concert grand piano, allowing for incredibly dynamic and expressive playing.
- GHS weighted 88-key action is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, just like an acoustic piano. Headphones-Standard x 2
- Pianist Styles turn your simple chords into exciting accompaniment. Play a chord and the Pianist Style gives you a full piano accompaniment.
- The Controller App for iOS devices adds a rich, graphic user interface allowing for quick and easy navigation and configuration.


You can pick any of these pianos as they are equally amazing and you should go with any model that seems to fit the budget the most. But, personally we recommend the PX 770 because its availability as P115 is already difficult to find and many of them have increased in price compared to a few years ago.