Casio PX 160 vs Yamaha P 115

Casio PX 160 and Yamaha P 115 are musical instruments that produced by two big companies. Both of them are digital piano. They each come with furniture bench, polishing cloth, pedal, instructional book and instructional DVD by Austin Bazaar. For the price itself, Casio PX 160 has a lower price than Yamaha P 115. Continue reading below to know the comparison between Casio PX 160 vs Yamaha P 115 to help you choose which one is a better digital piano for you.

Casio PX 160 comes with 2 sizes. The first is a bundle with adjustable stand and bench. The second is a bundle with CS 67 Furniture Stand and SP 33 Pedal. It weighs only under 26 pounds. Casio PX 160 gives us 2 variant colors; black and gold. It has a simple design which can match to any decoration. Casio PX 160 is suitable for you if you’re bored with the black color of a digital piano and want to look for a new color for your digital piano. If you want to know more about Casio PX 160, click here!

On the other side, Yamaha P 115 only gives us 1 variant color; black. But, Yamaha P 115 gives us another choice because it offers 3 variant sizes for us. The first is a bundle with adjustable stand and furniture bench. The second is beginner bundle. The third is an advanced bundle. Of course, they have a different price for each size.

To know which one is better digital piano, we should not just be looking to the design only. We have to compare the features between Casio PX 160 vs Yamaha P 115.

Casio PX 160 gives us a pure piano experience. This digital piano has 88 scaled weighted hammer action keys with simulated ebony and ivory textures. Under each key, it has 3 sensor setup. The sensor itself allows to give a better translation of key motion, and it makes more accurate responses to the key being played.

Casio PX 160 provides brilliant acoustic and electric pianos, strings, organs and more. Stereo speaker system with powerful redesigned plus 1/4” outputs and dual headphone jacks. See also the comparisons between Casio CTK-2550 vs CTK2400.

Yamaha P 115 has pure CF sound engine that allows incredibly dynamic and expressive playing. This digital piano has 88 weighted key actions. Just like an acoustic piano, the key action itself is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end. Yamaha P 115 also offers drum rhythms which is great to perform with. From basic rock to shuffle and swing beats, we can choose a variety of rhythm patterns. This digital piano allows us to have a quick and easy navigation and configuration by using the controller App for iOS devices.

Casio PX 160 vs Yamaha P 115

- Launching into multi-dimensional AiR sound generation becomes a pleasure with the new PX-160
- 3 year manufacturer extended warranty
- Hall Simulator/Reverb - 4 (Reverb) Chorus - 4 Brilliance - -3 ~ 0 ~ +3DPS - Yes
- Duo mode allows for side-by-side piano practice
- New Digital Piano controller app
- Ideal for schools teaching group lessons, it accommodates two students per piano

If you’re searching for a simple and elegant design digital piano. You can choose Casio PX 160 because it offers you a new variant color that rarely encountered in another digital piano. But if you want to buy a digital piano with so many features that can make you easier in playing digital piano, you can choose Yamaha P 115 as your choice.