Casio CTK 2550 Vs Yamaha PSR F51

The Portable piano becomes so popular lately because of its great features and technology. Not only have the richest sound, but also have so many features that easier you make a wonderful piece of music. That is why so many brands digitally built the digital piano.

Speaking of a portable digital piano brand, now we have the most two popular pianos in the market. They are the CTK 2550 series from Casio and PSR F51 series from Yamaha. You may find that Casio and Yamaha are the familiar brands of the piano.

So, now let’s take a look over them below so that you can decide which one has the most suitable for you.

Casio CTK 2550

Casio CTK 2550 is a kind of portable piano that is built specifically to save your time. You can bring it everywhere and whenever you want, but you can still make great music from this piano. It comes with a standard pack and premium pack that you can choose which one has suitable for you the most.

Casio CTK 2550 comes with 61 full-size keys with a bit downer in a good way. This makes the sound better to hear without any resemble on its. The sound while you play the acoustic sound will be better than any other pianos. Besides, without the weighted features makes this piano so lighter to bring.

Casio CTK 2550 offers 400 built-in tones that make it easier for you to create great music. It is so easy to use even for the beginner, and with these variations, it makes your music will come differently from others. Your song will come uniquely and that is perfect even for the beginner.

Casio CTK 2550 Yamaha PSR F51
Product Dimensions12.09 x 37.24 x 3.62 inches39.1 x 14.9 x 6.3 inches
Shipping Weight7.28 pounds10.8 pounds
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Casio CTK 2550 comes with the step-up lesson system that perfect for the beginner. You can start to learn everything on this portable piano. You will find the lesson an interesting and fun way so that you will more understand the music. Not only teach some lessons but you can also discover so many kinds of pieces of music.

The LCDs on the Casio CTK 2550 will help you to read everything there. You will find the easier way to learn the piano if you are a beginner. But, if you are a professional one you will see that this piano can improve your skill with the feedback from its.

Casio CTK 2550 offers the dance music features with the tune playback technology. not only can make dance music, but you can also remix them into whatever you like. It is so easy to use with only one tap on the button and you can mix them perfectly with the hall, reverb, or dance music sound effects. Read also: Yamaha CP88 Vs Nord Piano.

The dimension from the Casio CTK 2550 comes in a weight light size at only about 12.09 x 37.24 x 3.62 inches and 7.28 pounds of weight. The price also comes at a reasonable rate starts from US$109 on Amazon. It comes with a USB connection, microphone, and sustain pedal jack.

Yamaha PSR F51

Yamaha PSR F51 is a kind of portable piano that is made for the beginner. It is a so compact, lightweight, and affordable piano that perfect for everyone not only a beginner. The feature comes in the easier way to learn so that as a beginner you can be a fast learner. You will get a different experience while improve your skill by using this piano.

Yamaha PSR F51 offers the 61 keys with more than 120 sounds already established there. The key comes with a full-size type so that it is so easy to use with your intuitive feeling. The panel comes more quickly so that you can understand what inside there.

Yamaha PSR F51 comes with a color-coded panel that will help you a lot to learn everything there. The digital display will help you to correct your play so that it is perfect for your music improvements. You can simply operate by choosing the instrument voice and rhythm as you want.

The dual voice on the Yamaha PSR F51 brings the combination of the instrument so that you can easily mix your sound. You can create a simple or even an amazing piece of music in a unique way. You will find so many types of sounds while you explore this piano.

Yamaha PSR F51 offers the rich and powerful sound from the built-in metronome sounds on its. The sound will come realistically, and the combination between the rhythm and instrument voice comes in a flawless sound to hear. With the 114 styles of music, you can simply choose your favorite or even mix them.

Yamaha PSR F51 comes with the AC adaptor, headphone output connector, the AA battery types, and Ni-MH rechargeable battery type with power consumption up to six volts. The preset music comes in up to 30 preset songs so that you can makes as much as you want by using this piano.

The dimension of the Yamaha PSR F51 comes in a lightweight size of about 99.8 x 37.6 x 16.2 cm and 3.4 kilograms. The price also comes at a reasonable rate starts from US$111 on Amazon.

Casio CTK 2550 Vs Yamaha PSR F51

- Dance music Mode w/50 built-in dance music rhythms
- Chordata play app integration
- 48 note polyphony
- Step-up Lesson system
- A starter keyboard for anyone who wants to enjoy playing music
- The PSR-F51 is incredibly easy to use with its color-coded, intuitive control panel.
- Simply select a voice, choose a rhythm and start. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 !
- With 120 Voices & 114 Styles, the PSR-F51 is amazingly versatile

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Casio CTK 2550 is a better way to pick than the Yamaha PSR F51. As comes from the features, it comes in better technology and features than the Yamaha PSR F51 at almost the same price.

As come from the dimension, Casio CTK 2550 comes in a lightweight way than the Yamaha PSR F51. It is a more compact weight than Yamaha with only about 7.28 pounds of weight. Besides, it has more than 400 built-in tones that amazing to make any type of music as much as you want.

On the other hand, Yamaha PSR F51 only offers about 120 tones, so that makes this piano lack of rich sounds comparing with the Casio CTK 2550 that has so many tones. That makes Casio pianos is very affordable to buy.