Casio CTK-2550 vs CT-S200

It could be too much for players to move around a weighty instrument. For the individuals who wish to play the piano anywhere or play it in specific circumstances, getting the best convenient keyboard is essential to them. 

A few highlights do influence the heaviness of a portable keyboard. You have to become acquainted with which highlights are essential for you and which highlights are definitely not. 

Nonetheless, purchasing a keyboard is never a simple thing. The heaviness of the best versatile keyboards changes from model to display. 

A few highlights can unquestionably add more weight to the console and a few consoles compromise certain highlights for being more versatile. What are these and how might you balance the conveyability and those highlights? 

Well, initially, before getting the correct keyboard for you, you should make sense of what your fundamental objective is to purchase this keyboard. Is it for you or for your children? 

What components do you consider? Before you get overwhelmed by a lot of questions, we are here to assist you with picking one that is perfect. 

Our top picks are Casio CTK-2550 and Casio CT-S200. Thus, before you decide to get one, make sure you know what these two portable keyboards offer. 

About the Keyboards 

  • Casio CTK-2550:

Casio CTK-2550 is an all-in-one starter pack for a beginner to figure out how to play the digital piano and start to learn the universe of music. With built-in exercises and learning highlights, basic highlights and capacities that will make them play complete tunes quickly, and incorporation with the Chordana Play application for significantly more musical learning, it is a quick and fun approach to learn music and begin making your own synthesis. 

  • Casio CT-S200:

Casio is an ace of the convenient keyboard. The first Casiotone keyboards were launched in the 1980s, giving us our first reasonable electronic sound source. Read also: Casio PX-770 vs 870.

It was all pre-modified beats and programmed accompaniment, however, we lapped it up before proceeding onward to more grown-up synthesizers or surrendering to the charm of the guitar. Casiotone is back for another age of keyboard plonkers with the battery-fueled CT-S200. 

Casio CTK-2550 Casio CT-S200
Product Dimensions12.09 x 37.24 x 3.62 inches
10.08 x 36.61 x 2.87 inches
Shipping Weight7.28 pounds
10.88 pounds
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  • Casio CTK-2550:

With 100 built-in rhythms and 400 instrument voices, it is anything but difficult to redo the sound of the Casio CTK-2550 to play almost anything you like, including 46 ethnic rhythms. 48 levels of polyphony take into account more complex, overlapping sound, and complex arrangements. Also, 60 installed melodies give loads of space for learning and exploration. 

  • Casio CT-S200:

They all have 61 full-sized keys, implicit speakers, and an earphone attachment. They have 400 tones inside and 122 rhythms. 

There is a dance music mode to make it simple to make and remix EDM style tracks. You can trigger drum circles, basslines, synth parts and effects all from the keyboard. 

They have an LCD display for choosing sounds and an input for cooperating to a music-playing gadget. 


  • Casio CTK-2550:

With ten levels of reverb and helpful features like Dance Music Effect, Virtual Hall, and 100 One Touch move Presets, it is anything but difficult to modify the sound of the CTK-2550. The free Chordana Play application accompanies the Casio CTK-2550 and is a fabulous ally to the keyboard. 

Chordana Play has 50 implicit tunes and aides beginners through cooperating with a piano roll display as well as a music documentation display to consolidate work on cooperating with learning how to understand music. 

With the Chordana Play application, you can likewise change over any melody in your library into a MIDI record and play along in the application or store it in the CTK-2550 keyboard and play it offline or online. You can likewise appoint tracks or songs to each hand, change the rhythm, or translate a tune, and utilize the recurrent capacity to learn at your own pace. 

  • Casio CT-S200:

Ideal for music admirers of all ages and expertise levels, the new Casiotone CT-S200 electronic keyboard is ideal for playing at home or in a hurry. It flaunts 61 full-size keys, 77 rhythms, 400 tones, 60 inherent tunes, 50 samples for Dance Music Mode, USB Midi, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. 

The thin case has an easy-to-use LCD display and intuitive controls which permits clients to rapidly begin playing. Inherent speakers and the 1/8″ sound input mean clients can appreciate offering their music to companions or plug in their earphones to play all alone. 

The Casiotone CT-S200 is additionally viable with the Chordana Play application, permitting clients to take their music further and figure out how to play their main tunes from downloaded MIDI files. 

At last, the CT-S200 is fueled by either six AA batteries or a rechargeable battery and connector, making it advantageous for music fans anywhere they play. 

Casio CTK-2550 vs CT-S200

- Dance music Mode w/50 built-in dance music rhythms
- Chordata play app integration
- 48 note polyphony
- Step-up Lesson system
- Usb MIDI connectivity
- Built-in carry handle
- Chord an a play app integration, dance music Mode
- 400 tones, 77 rhythms, 60 songs

Final Verdict 

Casio CTK-2550 is the ideal starter keyboard for kids of all ages. It has the full scope of instrument voices and rhythms of a further developed keyboard, so they can learn and try different things with a wide scope of styles and articulations. 

Inherent Dance Music Mode makes them make their own exceptional dance music rapidly and without any problem. While older students can in any case get a great deal of instruction and satisfaction out of the Casio CTK-2550, they may discover the instrument voices and sound propagation somewhat thin and wish for the more extravagant, fuller sound that would accompany a more costly keyboard.

Nonetheless, kids are probably not going to be annoyed by the sound quality and will have a good time with the dance rhythms and synth sounds as they would with a better quality instrument. Meanwhile, Casio CT-S200 is a key pillar of the new and exceptionally inventive Casiotone arrangement. 

The brand is known worldwide for presenting the principal electronic keyboard in 1980 and this new range effectively creates and enhances the organization’s inventory of amazing instruments. The CT-200 is a smaller, ground-breaking keyboard, offering extraordinary sound, but still at a moderate cost.