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Yamaha P45B vs P115

While piano is not the easiest instrument to master, it is not reducing many people’s interest on learning them whether it is children or adults. If you are still

Yamaha P45B vs Korg B1

Learning how to play piano will need a proper beginner equipment to start your journey and for those who just need a good item to polish our skills, an

Casio SA 76 vs SA 78

Letting our children to learn a new musical instrument is good to help them develop their body and promoting a better learning skill later. Among those many instruments out

Yamaha PSR E263 vs Casio CTK 2550

While the list of musical instruments are so wide out there, piano and guitar seem to still be the most popular instruments played by beginners. With the huge popularity,

Yamaha PSR E263 vs Yamaha PSR E363

To start your music journey, we will also need a compatible equipment to help us learn, practice them and reach that level of playing you want. For younger player,

Casio SA 76 vs SA 77

Learning to play a new instrument is not easy because we have to be dedicated and have enough willpower as well as patient to pass each level. To support

Yamaha P71 vs Alesis Recital Pro

Learning to play a new musical instrument is fun and challenging, moreover, if we love music and are curious on how to master them. However, to start our journey,

Alesis Recital vs Casio CDP 130

As one of the most popular musical instrument, piano is many people starter into music. Just like everything else, we need to find the most suitable unit to accompany

Casio CTK 3500 vs Yamaha PSR E263

Looking for the perfect piano for a beginner is not unchallenging because it has to be easy enough to be played for their level of skill and contain useful