Alesis Recital 61 VS Rockjam 61

Digital pianos such as Alesis Recital 61 Vs Rockjam 61 are great solutions to learn to play the instruments at home. They are very affordable and sound suitable for the students or casual players who want to have the instrument. These pianos sound good, have plenty of sound collections for your creativity, and many more. If you are also considering these options, let’s see which you may like better here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Is It Worth To Buy a Digital Piano
  • What are Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61
  • How are the Unit of Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61
  • How are the Keys in Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61
  • How is the Sound Collection in Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61
  • How are the Polyphony of Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61
  • How are the Speakers in Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61
  • What else Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 can offer
  • Alesis Recital 61 Vs Rockjam 61

Digital Piano

There are so many instruments that you can play, and each one of them is unique on its own. People are usually interested in playing specific instruments because they love the sound or it will benefit them. Playing any instrument is a skill that we all need to learn. The more complex they are, the longer it needs to master them. While there are certainly geniuses and prodigies, practice makes perfect, and it is necessary to polish our skills to get better.

It is well-known that the real instrument can cost quite a lot for those playing piano. This can limit our access to practice but worry not because a digital piano is typically far more affordable. Is it worth buying a digital piano? Yes, it is essential for students or people who want to learn how to play the instrument. Digital piano is just like the real instrument but lacks the acoustic component that makes it create sound.

In digital piano, the mechanism allows them to create sound based on the recording or similar technology. The sound is sampled from real piano and then modified to match the electronic part. They can sound really good or almost like the acoustic instrument or completely different. Because they are more affordable, we often can get a much better piano with the same budget when choosing the acoustic variant. In addition, a digital piano is designed according to the player’s goal.

 Alesis Recital 61Rockjam 61
Product Dimensions3.48 x 11.52 x 35.64 inches 35.4 x 9.8 x 5.9 inches
Shipping Weight12.32 pounds
19.84 pounds
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About Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61

There are also plenty to choose from, and you can balance the budget or features and quality of the instrument. We usually opt for a named brand simply because they have a more robust reputation that makes it easy to spend on their product. Brands like Yamaha, Casio, Kawai, and Roland are at the top of the selection for digital pianos. But, they also tend to be on the expensive side, moreover if you spend as students or new learners.

We can choose one from Alesis and Rockjam digital piano collection for the more affordable alternatives. These names are not what most people had in mind when you mentioned digital piano, but they are among the best budget choice we can try. Alesis is known for its audio equipment and is famous for the Recital line. The Rock jam is a perfect option for young players or anyone who wants to learn and play the instrument at home.

Full-size pianos are larger and more expensive, so if you are on a budget or shopping for young players, the 61 keys such as Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 will be great options. These digital pianos are ideal for beginners or anyone trying to play the instrument. They sound good, not exceptional or natural as many higher-end models but should be enough for casual players. In comparison, Rockjam 61 offers more, so it has a greater value for beginner players. Read also: Alesis Recital 61 Vs William Legato here.

Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 Design

The Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 are 61-key types, so the instrument is noticeably compact. This Recital is also available in a full-key variant for older students who aim to get a better experience before playing the real instrument. One of the reasons why we said Rockjam 61 or the RJ561 offers more is because the package also includes a seat and piano stand. Buying this piano is like buying a full-set, ready-to-play instrument because it comes with the equipment.

On the other hand, the Recital is shipped with just the piano, not surprising, but we highly appreciate the Rockjam. The Recital 61 is measured at 35.6-inch wide, 11.5-inch deep, and 3.5-inch tall, while Rockjam 61 is very similar at 35.4-inch wide, 9.8-inch deep, and 5.9-inch tall. Another noticeable difference is Rockjam comes featured with a small LCD screen which is helpful to show whatever setting, sound, or mode the piano is currently playing. This kit by Rockjam 61 also includes a headphone for playing in silence.

Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 Keys

When it comes to a digital piano, many aspects make the experience, one of which is the key. It is like a keyboard and mouse to a computer because we interact and use them to create sound. Alesis Recital 61 is semi-weight, while the Rockjam 61 is not weighted. For the semi-weight keys, we don’t have a standard for measuring them. Alesis’s keys feel probably best described with a bit of resistance or springy touch.

Players will notice a cushioning right at the bottom of the keypress, which is not what natural piano usually feels like. It is an issue for experienced players, but we don’t think students and most people who learn the instrument will see it as an issue. On the other hand, the Rock jam 61 is not weighted at all, which is feels better. This way, the keys naturally light on your hand.

If the player is not trying to get a similar experience to the full-size acoustic piano, then we think the key’s weight or feel will not affect the playing. However, if students will play on the real instruments too, it is wise to get something that can stimulate the touch for better playing.

Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 Sound

Because Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 are instruments, it makes sense to consider the sound quality. Overall, they will not sound as good or natural as some of the famous digital pianos in the market. As an affordable model, it is not surprising to use the sample in the sound creation, but, in comparison, Recital 61 is better than Rockjam 61. In general, they sound a bit hollow, but it is not an issue for most learners.

The piano sound of Recital is excellent, and we are surprised that the synth sound is even better than many similar options in the market. As for the collection, this model has five different sounds; piano, electric piano, synth, bass, and organ. It also has several effects to try, such as reverb, delay, choruses, and pedal resonance. Rockjam, on the other hand, comes with an extensive sound collection. This model is featured with 50 tones, 100 rhythms, and 30 demo songs built into the system.

This is more than enough to play with and make the instrument more interesting, especially for young players to explore their creativity and taste. As mentioned above, the Rockjam 61 comes with a small display, and here we can access the extensive collection. Each button next to it is labeled clearly for what it is meant to; you can select tone, rhythm, and demo here.

Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 Polyphony

As for the polyphony of Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61, they are also quite different here. The Recital has 128 notes of polyphony at maximum, while Rockjam is only 824 notes. The Recital is pretty capable for a budget piano. These specs essentially tell players about how many maximum numbers of notes a digital piano module can produce simultaneously. For example, if you play a 3-note chord with a 1-note melody, the keyboard must play at last 4-note polyphony.

Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 Speakers

Both Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 are also featuring built-in speakers. This is convenient when you want to listen to the sound naturally or perform in front of others. The Recital has a pair of 10 watts speakers to drive the volume, which is pretty loud, very similar to the Rockjam 61. You can also attach headphones to the instrument for playing silently. We find the headphone to be more pleasant to listen to, and it is also convenient when you want to play at night.

Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 Features

In addition, these digital pianos are also coming with some valuable features. For example, the Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 feature a layer mode. This mode can be activated to play two sounds simultaneously with each keypress to enrich the sound. They also have a split mode which, as the name suggests, will separate the piano into two equal parts. Each part will play a different instrument so we can play two instruments simultaneously.

Alesis Recital 61 Vs Rockjam 61

The Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61 are good digital pianos for beginners or learners. They are very affordable and sound good too. The main differences are the keys and sound of Alesis Recital 61 and Rockjam 61. The keys are semi-weighted in Recital 61, which feels mushy and soft to press, while Rockjam 61 is not weighted, so it is lighter and almost like pressing a regular button. The piano sound is slightly better on Recital, but the Rockjam’s sound collection is much more.

- The Ultimate Beginners Electronic Keyboard Piano – Electric piano with 61 premium full-sized semi weighted keys with adjustable touch response to suit your preferred playing style
- Premium Sounds - 10 voices (including Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and more), built-in FX: Chorus, Reverb, and two built in 20W speakers that deliver crystal-clear, room-filling sound
- Connectivity Covered - ¼” sustain pedal input (not included), ¼” stereo headphone output for private practice and stereo RCA outputs for connection to speakers / amplifiers
- Play Keys Anywhere - Power via the included power adapter or 6 D cell batteries (not included) for professional piano performance wherever you are
- The RockJam 561 keyboard piano super kit includes a digital keyboard with 61 full-size keys giving you that traditional piano feel whilst maintaining a portable and compact design that can be powered by either mains power (power supply included) or batteries
- This RockJam 561 piano keyboard features an LCD display panel that both displays and engages the 100 rhythms, 50 tones, teaching functions, and 30 demo songs that are part of its functionality
- The RockJam 561 electric piano has record and playback functionality allowing you to build layers to your sound.
- This music keyboard super kit package includes a keyboard stand that is sturdy in design and can be adjusted to suit keyboard piano players both young and old


There is no wrong option between these budget-friendly digital pianos. We will recommend the Rockjam 61 for its extensive features and sound. This piano is ideal for young players and learners who want to play the instrument. It is cheaper, sounds good, and comes with everything you need.