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Yamaha P45 vs P115

As one of the most popular instrument, piano attract so many new players each day and to help these beginner, companies are offering the most suitable items to accompany

Yamaha P71 vs P125

Piano is one of the most popular musical instrument in the world and continues to attract many new players to learn on how to play the instrument. For those

Yamaha YPT 255 vs YPT 260

Among those many musical instruments out there, piano is probably one of the most popular to learn making there are so many new players out there. For beginner, it

Alesis Recital vs Yamaha P45

Choosing the best piano for those who are recently started to learn how to play may not an easy task moreover if you don’t have people near you with

Yamaha P45 vs Korg B1

Yamaha P45 and Korg B1 are two great options for beginners who are looking for an affordable yet still able to give them the impression or feeling of a

Yamaha P115 vs Roland FP 30

Yamaha P115 and Roland FP 30 are two impressive and affordable digital pianos that you can purchase in the market today. Both of them come with great abilities and

Yamaha P45 vs Alesis Coda Pro

We are going to discuss with great detail the differences and comparisons between Yamaha P45 vs Alesis Coda Pro. Both of these two digital pianos are available in a similar

Yamaha EZ 220 vs Casio LK 280

Yamaha EZ 220 and Casio LK 280 are two lighted key pianos for beginner level users. These pianos are designed to help those novice users to learn and take

Yamaha CP40 vs P255

Yamaha CP40 and P255 are two full sized keyboards from Yamaha that were aimed at professional players with more complicated and advance sounds. Both pianos have some similarities but